10 Ways Marketers Can Use NerdyData

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Published December 6, 2013 by Brad Knutson
10 Ways Marketers Can Use NerdyData

If you haven’t heard of NerdyData yet, you are missing out. NerdyData is a self-proclaimed “Search Engine for Source Code.” Unlike other search engines, NerdyData lets you search the source of websites for things that normal search engines would miss. You can search for chunks of javascript, CSS, HTML elements, you name it.


As Marketers, we are constantly looking for new and useful tools, and ways to cut down on time consuming processes. Here are 10 examples of situations that NerdyData could be used in the marketing world.

1. Competitive Research

NerdyData makes it easy to conduct competitive research and find where your competitors are being mentioned on the web. Let’s say you work at Moz, and want a quick overview of mentions of your competitors on the web. Choose compare on the left sidebar and enter your competitors in a comma separated list.

NerdyData - Competitive Research

There you have it, a quick bubble chart of your competitors mentions. These mentions include plain text, URLs, alt text, and any other mentions in the code.

2. Quantify the Competition

NerdyData has a great case study to prove the power of their search engine for quantifying the competition. NerdyData found that Optimizely had reduced their tracking code to a single line of javascript, and that with their search engine, one could easy find a list of their clients.

NerdyData - Quantify the Competition

When I just ran this search it returned a list of 118,820 sites that contained the Optimizely code. That is a lot of customers! You could replicate this type of search for pretty much any SaaS company that provides their customer with a tracking code or something similar.

3. Discover Affiliate Marketers for your Competitors

One of the first things that came to mind when thinking of uses for NerdyData, was the ability to seek out a competitors affiliate marketers. What I keyed in on was Raven Tools – who uses Share-a-sale. I was able to grab a chunk of an affiliate banner image and run it through NerdyData.

NerdyData - Discover Competitor Affiliate Marketers

Raven Tools offers a bunch of different banner images, and I ran just one through the search engine. I got good results, and there are probably many more results out there if I was to run searches for different images.

4. Identify Sites that are in Need of an Update

Let’s imagine for a second that you run a WordPress design and development company. You are in need of some new clients, so you decide to do some market research and find some WordPress sites that are running out of date versions of WordPress.

NerdyData to the rescue! You can easily find old WordPress sites by searching for the WordPress meta generator tag.

meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.5

NerdyData - Find Sites That Need To Be Updated

Would you be surprised to find out there are 2,531,299 sites running version 3.5 of WordPress? That is a lot of potential customers! Probably too many!

You could also run this search for Drupal, Magento, and so on.

5. Identify Sites that Use a Specific Plugin

Many CMS plugins leave behind a footprint that we can search for. WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the most used WordPress plugins out there – let’s see how many sites use it.

NerdyData - Find Sites With Specific Plugins

Nearly a million sites come up in this search! That’s amazing!

6. Perform Keyword Research

Another straight forward use for NerdyData is for keyword research. Let’s imagine that we run a company that specializes in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and you’re curious about mentions on the web for industry terms. Click on the Compare tab on the sidebar and enter your search terms in a comma separated list.

NerdyData - Keyword Research

The bubble chart shows the frequency of web mentions for your search terms and is a quick, down and dirty way to do keyword research!

7. Finding Potential Clients

If you run a company that offers services for Web Hosting companies. As marketers, we know that companies will often place keywords in the meta description tag. This gives us the opportunity to run a search on meta description tags for our keywords.

Click on the SEO Tools tab in the sidebar, click on the “Meta and Header Search” button, then enter your keywords into the meta description field.

NerdyData - Find Potential New Clients

Searching for “Web Hosting” provides 534,384 results – that is a lot of potential clients! You could also search Title tags or Header (H1-H3) tags for the same keywords to see if you get similar or different results.

8. Find Out Where Your Influencers are Writing and Engaging

Another awesome use for NerdyData is to find where your influencers or industry experts are writing on the web, to potentially target link building opportunities or conduct competitive research.

I chose fellow marketer Amanda DiSilvestro as a guinea pig to find where she has been writing (and trust me…she writes a lot). I used “author Amanda DiSilvestro” as my search term.

NerdyData - Find Where Your Influencers Are Writing

NerdyData returned 9 sites with that keyword string, and other combinations of keywords produced more results. The important thing here is that we have a list of sites that our target author has written on. Perhaps these are potential targets for guest posts?

We could also try to determine where our industry authority are commenting on articles and engaging with others in the industry.

Click on the SEO Tools tab in the sidebar, click on the “Social Media Search” button, and enter in your influencers Twitter handle.

NerdyData - Find Where Your Influencers Are Engaging

This search returned 60 sites that Rand Fishkin’s twitter account has been quoted on, mentioned on, or sites that he’s commented on using his Twitter account.

9. Find Out Who is Stealing Your Graphics

Image thieves have been around since the dawning of the internet, and they will never cease to be a problem. It’s inevitable that some images will be stolen, but what really gets to me is when another site steals your graphic, but they don’t even bother to host the image themselves.

As an example, let’s look up a very popular infographic originally created by WordStream.

NerdyData - Find Image Thieves

As you can see, this search produces 17 different sites that are not only using the image, but referencing the image that is hosted at WordStream.

This is a great way to find sites that could potentially be draining your bandwidth, while stealing your assets at the same time.

10. Find Code Theives

It not uncommon for companies to pay web developers for custom javascript and CSS. If another site was to steal that code, it could be very upsetting. Running a quick search for a specific piece of code can return any sites that have potentially stolen your custom premium files.

A few days ago, I used a variation of this idea to find a site that had stolen my Google Analytics code and was polluting my analytics reports. I entered my Google Analytics tracking code and hit search.

NerdyData - Find Code Theives

The offending website came up just like that.


I think it’s pretty obvious how ridiculously awesome and useful NerdyData is. It’s marketing uses are nearly endless.

Do you have any other ideas of what NerdyData could be used for? Let me know in the comments below!

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Founder at Inbounderish
Brad Knutson is a Web Developer in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. He has experience working with WordPress and Drupal, and also has an interest in SEO and Inbound Marketing.

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