Google Analytics Quick Tip: Hour of Day and Day of Week Reports

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Published September 10, 2013 by Brad Knutson
Google Analytics Hour of Day and Day of Week Reports

Google Analytics is a powerful tool. Nearly every web developer and marketer on the planet uses it to generate reports and track traffic to our websites. It comes with many useful built-in reports, and you could spend hours sifting through reports and filters pulling just about any data set you could think of.

Recently I was asked by a client to generate a report that broke down site traffic by hour in one report, and by day of the week in another report. I was aware of how to generate these reports, but it dawned on me that this information might be useful to others. So here it is!

Install Template

Go ahead and use the Google Analytics template I’ve set up for you above, or read the rest of the post and find out how to create these reports from scratch.

Create an Hour of Day Report

1. Create a Custom Report

Start out by pulling up Google Analytics. Click the Customization button on the orange navigation bar to bring up the Custom Reports page. Click New Custom Report button.

Create Hour of Day Report in Google Analytics

2. Name the Report

Pretty straight forward here. The Title of the report will show on the Custom Report page, so make it something you’ll recognize. The Name of the report will show inside the custom report as a tab. Multiple report tabs can be combined under one title.

Google Analytics Hour of Day - Create Report

3. Enter Report Settings

Enter the following settings:

  • Set Type to Flat Table
  • Set Dimensions to Hour
  • Set Metrics to Visits

Google Analytics Hour of Day Report Settings

Add any additional dimensions, metrics or filters as you see fit. Set the Views to a specific analytics profile, or for all, and save it.

That’s it! You now have a breakdown of site traffic by hour. Here is what it looks like when I ran it:

Google Analytics Hour of Day Report

The hours of the day are coded with 2-digit numbers going from 00 to 23. 00 corresponds to 12:00 AM in the timezone that you have set in your Google Analytics profile.

Create a Day of the Week Report

Now that we’ve already created a custom report, we just need to add another tab. Give it a name that you’ll recognize, and enter the following settings:

  • Set Type to Flat Table
  • Set Dimensions to Day of week name
  • Set Metrics to Visits

If you’re having trouble finding Day of week name, you can search for it rather than filtering through Google Analytics various dimensions.

Google Analytics Hour of Day Report Setup

Here is what this report looks like:

Google Analytics Day of Week Report

Note: You could also have chosen the dimension Day of week when creating the report, which will give you a numerical value for the day (0 through 6 for Sunday through Saturday) if you’d like to sort the day in the proper order.

So that’s it – a quick, down-and-dirty report that gives you some really useful data. Here is the link for the template again if you’d rather just add it to your profile automatically.

Install Template

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