How To Claim Your Facebook Place Page

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Published June 25, 2013 by Brad Knutson
Claim Your Facebook Place Page

For small businesses, setting up local profiles is an essential marketing activity, and can lead to some great returns. When considering local search listings, you’ll first want to consider where your users spend most of their time, and where they will be most likely to look for your product.

Facebook should always be at the top of every marketers list, as it’s still the most popular social media platform around. Young and old, middle schoolers, parents and grandparents – everyone is on Facebook (and if they aren’t they probably will be soon).

Getting your brand on Facebook seems like a logical choice, regardless of the size of your business, but it can be especially helpful to smaller, local businesses. Facebook offers the ability for local search by using certain keywords, like “nearby.” Try running a Graph Search for “sandwich shops nearby” and you’ll see something similar to below.

Facebook Local Search

So how does one make sure that their brand shows up in results like these? The below steps will walk you through just that.

1. Create a Local Business page.

Head over to and choose the Local Business or Place button.

Facebook Place Page Setup

2. Fill out your business’ info.

After clicking the button, fill out all the necessary info. Double check your work and make sure it’s correct, because nothing is more frustrating for potential customers than incorrect or outdated information.

Facebook Place Page - Info

3. Fill our more business info.

The next page you’ll see has 4 steps. Fill out your business description, website link, add an image, and so on. You can edit all this later.

At this point, your page is created. You can start posting, adding images, inviting your friends and connections to the page, and more. The more user engagement you get out of your page, the more it will show up in Graph Search. Encourage everyone you know to like and promote your page as much as possible.

Claiming an Existing Facebook Page

What if the a page for your business already exists? It’s time to claim it.

1. Start the Claim Process

Click the gear icon next to the message button, and choose “Is this your business?”

Claim Existing Facebook Place Page

2. Verification

You will now need to verify your ownership or association with the business by either choosing an email verification process or by importing documentation.

Facebook Page Verification

You should only choose the email option if you have an email address linked to your Facebook account that also serves as your business email address. If you choose documentation, you’ll need to upload a document (or a scan) that proves ownership or association to the business. This will be reviewed to verify ownership.

Once you’re verified, you’re done! You can start adding images, updates, info and more. Engage with your audience, as it will only give you more exposure.

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Brad Knutson is a Web Developer in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. He has experience working with WordPress and Drupal, and also has an interest in SEO and Inbound Marketing.

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