Introducing: Share Tally

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Published September 12, 2013 by Brad Knutson
Introducing: Share Tally

Have you ever wondered how many times your blog post was Tweeted? What about how many times your landing page has been Pinned? How about how many times your product page has been liked or shared on Facebook?

Of course, share buttons often have counters, so if you have those on your pages you can get a quick glance at how many shares you have. The problem is, a lot of designers and marketers don’t want a lot of social sharing buttons on their site. They are distracting, and often don’t fit in with the design of the site.

A lot of marketers, like myself, track their social media campaigns like there is no tomorrow. We’re constantly researching and analyzing the reach of our content on social media. To help paint a broad picture of social media performance, I decided to make it a project…

Say hello to Share Tally!

Share Tally


Share Tally is my attempt at displaying social activity for URLs, all in one consolidated place. Currently, Share Tally will gather the following information for any URL you enter:

Social Media

  • Facebook – Likes, Shares, Comments
  • Twitter – Tweets
  • Google+ – +1s
  • Linkedin – Shares
  • Pinterst – Pins
  • Reddit – Score, Up Votes, Down Votes

Social Bookmarking / Social Sharing / Read-It-Later

  • StumbleUpon – Stumbles
  • Buffer – Buffers
  • Delicious – Saves
  • Pocket – Saves

Niche Sharing / Voting Sites

  • (Marketing) – Votes
  • (Small Business) BizSugar – Votes
  • (Content / Sharing) Blokube – Votes
  • (Design) TheWebBlend – Votes
  • (Design) DesignFloat – Votes
  • (Professional) Xing – Shares

This is what I decided to start with, and I realize there are a lot more out there that can be added. I plan on adding more, and organizing the data better in the future!

How is Share Tally built?

Share Tally uses unofficial APIs and scraping to gather it’s data. The same methods that are used to display share counts on buttons provided by each social network are employed to gather the data that is displayed on this page.

Each time someone enters a URL, the page is saved to a database. A unique URL is generated, and by way of AJAX calls the data is gathered. Each score is saved to the database for caching purposes, and I might decide to use the data in the future to show social activity over time.

Since each time you run a search Share Tally generates a unique URL, you can quickly and easily share this page with your friends, co-workers, managers, or clients. It’s a top-level view of social media activity across many social platforms, all in one place!

I had a lot of fun building this site, so I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to let me know of any social platforms that you think I should add in the future, and I will be happy to look into it!

Share Tally is very much a work in progress!

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Founder at Inbounderish
Brad Knutson is a Web Developer in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. He has experience working with WordPress and Drupal, and also has an interest in SEO and Inbound Marketing.

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10 thoughts on “Introducing: Share Tally

    1. Brad Knutson Post author

      I’m so glad you like it Ileane! I try to build small little tools like this that others will find useful and time-saving. This is only the beginning, as I have plans to allow for users to import feeds into Share Tally so that social sharing data for an entire domain can be displayed.

      Thanks for commenting!

  1. Ileane


    Question – would it be possible to add links so that we could see who shared the content (when possible)? For example Twitter would link to Topsy or something similar, Google + could link to Ripples (A J Kohn has a bookmarklet for that).

    Let me know what you think.


    1. Brad Knutson Post author

      Hey Ileane,

      That is a great suggestion, I’ll work on that in my next update!

  2. Ileane

    Ok Brad this is going to sound weird but – I had a dream about Tally Share last night. lol

    I know, that’s so crazy right!??

    When I woke up here’s what I remembered – Tally Share was a Google Chrome extension that we could just click on whenever we are on the web and all the stats would appear in a pop-up (similar to SEO Site Tools or PageRank Status extensions).

    Now my question to you is this – can you make my dream come true? :)

    1. Brad Knutson Post author

      Haha! That just made my day Ileane!

      A Google Chrome is something I could definitely look into building, that would be a great addition!

      In the meantime – have you tried the Bookmarklet I added? It does just what you’re asking, but opens a new tab (not a popup). That should hold you over until I can build something cleaner and more robust like a Chrome extension :)

      Share Tally Bookmarlet

  3. Kelley

    Brad, I am curious as to whether you can accurately collect stats on shares that created with tiny URL tools and also whether shares that are generated through generated posts to social profiles. As an example, if I share something on LinkedIn that creates its own URL, and auto-posts to my Twitter account, which in turn posts to my Facebook account, is that all captured and counted?


    1. Brad Knutson Post author

      Hello Kelley,

      As long as the link in the Tweet and Facebook update ultimately redirect to the page itself (and not back to the Linkedin post) then yes, they should be counted. The share data I’m displaying is reported directly from Twitter and Facebook, and they crawl each URL shared and determine it’s final destination, even if you are using a URL shortener.


    2. Kelley

      Thanks. When entering a URL, is it best to use the long URL. I get two very different answers from a Bitly vs. original. Also, it seems to be missing a number of LinkedIn shares (it shows 0). When comparing to “Who Shared My Link”, I get very different results in social channels. The totals are within 10%. Any thoughts?

    3. Brad Knutson Post author

      Hey Kelley,

      I would use the original URL with Share Tally, because each social network might interpret short URLs differently.

      For example, if you have a long URL and a shortened URL – and you query Twitter to find out how many times each was Tweeted, you might get two different numbers, even though both URLs end up on the same page.

      I haven’t found Linkedin shares to be inaccurate in the past. The number of Linkedin shares that is displayed is the same number that would show up in the Linkedin Share button (like the one I have on the sidebar of this page – which is currently 4). This number is directly reported from Linkedin. It may not include URLs shared to groups, and might only count public shares.

      Because each social network handles how they report their data differently, I don’t think there will ever be a way to get 100% accurate data. I would use Share Tally, and any other social share reporting tool as a broad view of a posts activity on social media. Take everything with a grain of salt, and consider them pretty solid estimates.

      Hope that helps!

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