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Published June 6, 2013 by Brad Knutson
Klout for Business Preview

Today I received an email notification that one of my clients had been given beta access to Klout for Business. I was instantly excited to explore the metrics that were now available to me, and see what Klout had in store for business owners.

I headed over to Klout and logged in with my clients account. I was greeted with a new dashboard design, and a welcome message.

Klout for Business

A new option is available on the menu, called Insights. I’m encouraged to click on it. The insights landing page appears with some info on what we’re getting ourselves into.

Klout for Business - Insights

Unlock the Power of Your Social Media Influencers

  • Use cross-network data to identify your social media audience.
  • Connect with your best influencers by learning what they’re talking about.
  • Learn which networks you should focus on.
  • Discover and interact with the best content about your brand.

Let’s get started!

Klout for Business Welcome

Klout offers four metrics. Audience, Topics, Network Recommendation and Moments. Each has their own tab.


Klout for Business - Insights - Audience

The Audience tab has information about your followers across your social media platforms. It has data over the last 90 days, the same data that is factored into calculating your Klout score. You’ll see the number of interactions, the number of individual users who you’ve interacted with, and a percentage of your interactions that came with high authority individuals.

Unfortunately for me, there wasn’t enough data to show me all of what Klout has to offer, but I get the gist of it.


Klout for Business - Insights - Topics

The Topics page offers one simple, but very powerful, piece of information. This page displays the the most talked about topics of your influencers. You’ll see an ordered list of topics that are buzzing in your social media networks.

It’s a great way to see what areas are important to your niche. You might be surprised to find some topics that you didn’t even consider before. It’s a great place to get a broad overview for market research. It’s also a great list of conversation starters!

Network Recommendations

Klout for Business - Insights - Network

The Network Recommendations page is another great tool for marketers. It literally gives you suggestions on social media platforms that you could be doing more in to spread your influence.

My client, judging by the above image, is apparently lacking in Facebook, while performing fairly strong in Twitter. I talked to this client, and they didn’t even realize that they should be spending more time on Facebook, and perhaps take some of that time from their allocated Twitter time.

Klout offers three recommendations, each for a different block of social authority. My client got recommendations for users with a Klout score of 40s, 50s and 30s. This allows you to tailor your social media work based on where your more authoritative influencers are.


Klout for Business - Insights - Moments

The final insight is Moments, not unlike the list of moments that regular Klout accounts provide. The difference in Klout for Business is that you can filter these moments by social authority. If you want to see the moments from your most authoritative influencers in one place, it’s easy to do so here. This page also give you the option to engage the influencer easily and in one place.

Final Thoughts

Klout for Business is a great start, and a first step in transforming Klout into a full-on marketing platform. Social metrics are all over the place these days, but Klout seems to have some clout (I apologize for the bad pun).

I look forward to what Klout has in store for the full release, and the improvements and additions that get added on as this product evolves from the beta stage.

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Brad Knutson is a Web Developer in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. He has experience working with WordPress and Drupal, and also has an interest in SEO and Inbound Marketing.

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