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Embed Instagram Picture in WordPress with Shortcode

Embed Instagram Picture in WordPress

Published June 4, 2013 by Brad Knutson

Today after resisting for a long time, I finally joined Instagram. I’m not sure exactly why I’ve resisted it for so long, but that is besides the point. I’m not ready to admit that Instagram is a legitimate marketing platform yet (and it may never be), but I do see some value in it, especially […]

PHP Permanent Redirect

PHP Permanent Redirect

Published May 14, 2013 by Brad Knutson

There comes a time when every webmaster must redirect one page to another. Perhaps the page has moved, or possibly the domain has changed. Whatever the reason, we need a way to redirect the old page to the new page. This redirect must be behind the scenes, and SEO friendly. Ideally, this would be done […]

Reduce WordPress Comment Spam

Reduce WordPress Comment Spam

Published May 12, 2013 by Brad Knutson

If you run a WordPress site, then you know first hand how bad the comment spam problem is. Spammers have gotten better over time at writing scripts and programs that crawl the web and target WordPress sites and spam them with comments in the hopes of placing a backlink. To many bloggers running WordPress, this […]

Setting Up a Local Dev Environment: WAMP

Installing WAMP

Published May 10, 2013 by Brad Knutson

Web developers know that a development environment is essential when building large web projects. Sometimes you are graced with the opportunity to work with a dedicated development server, but most small time operations don’t have this luxury. In cases like these, setting up a local development environment on your machine is essential. We don’t want […]

Embed Vine in WordPress with Shortcode

Embed Vine with WordPress Shortcode

Published May 4, 2013 by Brad Knutson

Vine is a great new app from the makers of Twitter. Back in January, Twitter introduced the world to Vine, and it’s really taken off since then. Vine is an app that lets you post short video loops as updates. Much like Twitter, they limit the length of the video. The concept is actually really […]

Automatically Set Featured Image in WordPress

Auto Set Featured Image in WordPress

Published May 4, 2013 by Brad Knutson

Featured images in WordPress are a good way to tie an image to a post. This image is often times meant to be an overview, or advertising for the post. The image can be shown in RSS feeds, Twitter cards, Google+ shares, Facebook shares, and more. They can be the gateway into the post. Many […]

Display Klout Score with Klout API

Klout Score

Published April 21, 2013 by Brad Knutson

I’ve spoken before regarding how I feel about social signals and their place in SEO, and the importance of the concept of “social rank.” Many startups set out to calculate social rank, but one is sticking out above the rest. Klout is that startup, and if you aren’t already signed up for their service, I […]

How To Add a Custom Widget Area in WordPress

WordPress Custom Widget

Published April 8, 2013 by Brad Knutson

I’ve been looking for good documentation about how to add custom widget areas to my theme templates for quite some time. There is a surprising amount of information out there that touches on the subject, but many of it is incorrect, outdated, flawed, or just plain confusing…it’s frustrating! Well, despite all the information out there […]

Show Gravatar Image From Email

Using Gravatar Images

Published April 5, 2013 by Brad Knutson

WordPress uses Gravatar to display post author and comment author images. Gravatar is free, easy to set up, and widely used across the web. It’s a great way to show people who you are when commenting on blogs and sites. From a web development standpoint, we can utilize Gravatar’s images anywhere. All we need is […]

WordPress Comment Counter

WordPress Comment Counter

Published March 22, 2013 by Brad Knutson

There are tons of social media share buttons out there with counters these days, so much so that the format has become pretty popular and translated to other “counter” worthy queries. I’ve seen a few sites use comment counters, some cool and some not-so-cool. This got me to thinking about creating my own. I drew […]

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