Get a Text Message When Your Website Is Down


Time is money. Every second that your website is down could be costing your business money. If you run a small business or bootstrapped startup, you’re probably taking on many responsibilities that a larger organization would have a separate department for. You might, for example, be monitoring your own website, updating it, and managing the server and your hosting.

What if your website goes down after business hours, or when you’re on vacation? How long would it be until someone notified you? If your website is down, your customers won’t exactly be able to fill out your contact form to let you know, so someone has to stumble across the problem that has an alternate way of contacting you.

This clearly isn’t an ideal solution. I personally don’t want to have to monitor my website to make sure it’s running properly, and I’m not capable of doing so around the clock.

I’ve talked about Zapier in the past, and I really think it’s a great tool. Through Zapier, I was able to come up with a quick “Zap” that will notify me if my website ever goes down, using the built-in Zapier SMS app and

When a website goes down, get a notification via SMS test message. Triggered off StatusCake alerts.Learn More

In order to use this Zap you’ll want to create a StatusCake account and set up an alert for your website. StatusCake has a free alert option, but they charge you for “SMS Credits” to notify you via text message. This is where Zapier comes in. Connect your StatusCake account to Zapier, then use Zapier’s built-in SMS app to notify your phone if and when your website is down.

You can customize the message, but this Zap will tell you that your site is down, which site it is, and what the server error code is (example: 500 Internal Error, 403 Forbidden, etc.).

The if you’re using the free StatusCake and free Zapier account levels, this Zap will run every 15 minutes. This means that at most, your website could be down for 15 minutes without your knowledge, unless of course you don’t see your notification. You could create another Zap that emails you if you’d like to double your chances of catching a server problem early.

Now you can rest easy knowing that if your website goes down, you’ll be notified right away.

Of course, if you really are solely responsible for your website, and you get a notification at 3 AM – whether you can fix it or not is another story… Good luck!