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I came across an awesome tool the other day that I wanted to share with you.

Many of us curate and aggregate content that we share on our social media accounts. When we share content from other authors and other websites, what are we getting in return? Our social media followers click on the link and read through the content that we shared. They close the article, and carry on with their lifes. Sure – we provided value to our social media connections, but what else are we really accomplishing? We’re not providing anything else to our readers, and we’re (more importantly) not giving ourselves an opportunity to generate a conversion.

It’s a common practice for successful social media users to aggregate and share great content that isn’t there own. Everyone does it, and it’s a necessary aspect of social media. It shows that you’re not self centered and enjoy reading and sharing relevant industry articles.

What if there was a way for us to place our call-to-action right on another website? That sounds like something that could be extremely valuable, right? does just this.

Use to Avoid Losing Opportunities for Conversion
“Every link you share is a lost opportunity without” —Danielle Smith is URL shortener with a twist – it gives you the ability to add your own call to action right on the page. Here is a live example:

At the bottom of the page, inserted my description text and call-to-action. By sharing the link, I’m providing value to my social media followers, and generating an opportunity for a conversion. In this case, it’s just a link back to my blog, but it could be anything.

Let’s say, for example, that someone in your industry recently wrote a well written post about WordPress themes. You’re an affiliate marketer for Themeforest. You know this content is excellent, and you don’t have the time nor resources to duplicate or expand on it, so what can we do? Let’s place our call-to-action on this content, and share it with our followers. Example 1

By doing this, we’re sharing really good content with our social media followers, and at the same time able to place our call-to-action right on the page. Awesome, right?

How about another example? TheNextWeb just published an awesome post about learning to program online. This content is excellent, and is being received very well online. You’re an affiliate marketer for Treehouse, an online provider of programming courses and tutorials. What should we do? You guessed it… to the rescue again! Example 2 gives us the opportunity to place any call-to-action on any website. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Provides Analytics

So far, gives us a convenient short URL, and allows us to insert our call-to-action on any page. Surely, that’s enough, right? also provides analytics. This is an awesome way to see at a quick glance how your Snips are performing. You can see how many Snips you’ve created, how many times they’ve been clicked on, number of engagements, and conversion rates. Analytics

I was curious about what exactly considered an “engagement” so I reached out to them on Twitter.

Which leads me to another bonus about… Founder Michael Cheng is Awesome

It’s not every day you get to have a casual conversation with someone like Michael Cheng. He is incredibly active on social media, as well as the live chat feature on I was testing out a few links in, and a live chat window popped up on the screen. I was very surprised to find that Michael was reaching out to me, the user, to find out if I had any questions and what I thought about the product.

Michael is an incredibly down to earth guy – and having such a human personality behind a business like is a sign that the business will be successful. Michael is genuinely interested in feedback about his latest venture, and is open to any feedback, critical or otherwise. He’s also very open to your suggestions, so feel free to reach out to him if you have any. He’s always looking to improve from an end users’ perspective.