√ 17 Best Bathroom Renovation Using Attractive Bathroom Paint Colors & Schemes

bathroom paint colors

There can be various creative ways of doing a renovation work, and many eco-friendly and budget-friendly ways too for the same. A bathroom renovation does not essentially have to be a costly affair. There are very good ways to change the entire look of a bathroom without going the costly way. Simply dealing with bathroom paint colors, and changing old colors and adding new ones can set a fresh look, and create inspiring style for the bathroom. And this is what is discussed here.

Color schemes for a bathroom renovation

There can be excellent color schemes for a bathroom to make it look fresh, big, stylish, airy, peaceful or gorgeous. Here these looks when described would tell you how to imagine your bathroom in that color theme. And coloring a bathroom is by far the cheapest and the easiest option to cultivate new looks the fastest. All you need for that is wall paints, which can transform any old and shabby looking bathroom into totally fresh and chic.

The best bathroom paint colors and schemes to try

The right color not just elevates eye comfort, but also makes the bathroom a better place to spend some time, works as a mood booster every time you get in, and adds to the aesthetics of the property.


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White is always a favorite for people who love simplicity with elegance. An elegant bathroom all in white, and decorated with white accessories looks soothing and peaceful. The bathroom looks bigger and spacious when turned to all white. Besides, it looks airy and bright, as light entering the space can play freely due to being reflected the most by white. White actually is an all time favorite in decoration and renovation, whether it’s the bathroom only or the whole interior or parts.

That’s because white comes with endless scopes to add more colors as accent colors, contrasting shades etc. White brings endless ways to add style and age to a theme. You can use white in any possible way with various furniture, fittings, and accessory colors to try and experiment with and find new looks. And yet white will never be boring when you are using and changing colors to stay highlighted in a white background.


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Gray is a good alternative to white, if you don’t like the idea of too much white, and are looking for the next closest shade, then off white or gray can add to great ambience to the bathroom too. Gray is associated with the industrial theme, and is a cool color in the first place or choice. Hence many people who love a cool color theme opt for gray in the first place. Gray can be contrasted with shades of red, yellow, blue, and many interesting colors and tones. You may even get experimental with gray and pink. Whatever way you put the two or three colors, gray has the power to complement most color with it.


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Lavender is another color of freshness. It’s a nice color between violet and blue, which is very mild and sweet, and does not look strong in any way. A bathroom in lavender, look both feminine and graceful. You should be careful about using other soft bathroom paint colors with lavender. If you choose other colors like pink, coral, or pastel shades, then they may not blend well or create good contrast with the lavender to bring any dramatic effect, and instead mess with the look.

Sage Light

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The sage light color is a very faded form of turquoise blue, and this color instills a very deep and profound impression of stillness and quietness. The color looks very peaceful and soft. Safe light can also be combined with gray or white themes. Such combinations helps accent the sage light theme better. You may even choose to keep the wall the same color throughout. This is a cool color which can help light play in, and helps the bathroom look spacious and breathable.

Navy blue

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Navy blue is a dark color, and yet it can be combined with ample white and sometimes some amount of yellow too to create dramatic looks. And yet the bathroom won’t look the least small with this color scheme. With the right amount of use of navy blue, a bathroom can get a beautiful makeover simply through color changes. Sensibly pairing this shade with lighter tones can create awe-inspiring bathroom designs and themes.

Accents Blue Green

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The mix of blue and green can play wonder in your bathroom when you combine this mixed accent color with white. Wall paints or tiles of this color and some patches in white can bring a very tasteful hue and look to the bathroom. A narrow bathroom may look much broader with this color introduced to it. You can always mix and match and play with these shades, and while they are treated as cool colors, they still would be good mood boosters and make your happy.

Red Lights Up

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Red can add to energy and drama both. When you paint the bathroom in red, then get ready to experience a gush of energy every time you watch the bathroom or use it. This bright color can rev up the energy of the space too good, and when you combine light bathroom paint colors like cool grey or white with red to add to the ceiling, then the bathroom ceiling looks high and the room looks bigger and spacious. You can add more contrast in the form of a black portion in wall, and the streak or stretches of white.

Wood and Beige

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This is a deadly combination. The chestnut o mahogany finish of hardwood and crème or beige color with this can accentuate the look of any bathing space very classily. This is a classy combo and adds to rich taste and luxury look. Overall the space gets warmth in ambience from these bathroom paint colors.


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Black is not just so black when you use this with contrasts of white and ample lighting inside a bathroom. In fact a very gorgeous and strong vintage look with some class can be added to any bathroom when you treat the interior with substantial addition of black. Black is dramatic and black is strong, and thus it’s so very obvious and would make your bathroom an impression before guests.


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If you are after warmth, brightness, and light, then yellow is your color. Paint the bathroom yellow while adding white at edges and borders for accents. This would make the bathroom smile and glow at you, while you would enjoy more lighting inside the bathroom. Yellow is a bright and warm color which reflects light very well, and also plays with light, therefore whether it’s electrical lighting or natural sunlight within the bathroom, the space would glow bright and bring on a feeling of warmth and positivity on the bathroom users.

Blue and Gray

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Blue as the accent and gray as the base color can add to very cool looks for the bathroom. In fact blue gray is a color with more depth than simply blue or cool gray. This shade instills a feel of tranquility and soberness, and helps you keep the space cool. You can use other colors too with dark blue. Off white is a choice instead of gray.

Mint Green

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Imagine a mint green bathroom! How fresh and cool it would look, and imagine the accent it would give to your mood every time you get in. That’s the magic of green when you lighten it to so much sober a shade as mint. Mint green is one of the best cool bathroom paint colors to heighten your mood and give you a fresh feeling instantly. Minty and soothing, the bathroom would be a sweet space to be in and feel rejuvenated.

Dramatic Black and Silver

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Ever visualized how silver and black contrast would look inside a bathroom! To understand that you must visualize or imagine! It’s going to be a stunning dramatic look that would be gorgeous, classy, tasteful, and would add to the thrill of the users. A bathroom sparkling with silver accents and looking mysterious with black walls in contrast to the silver would actually help you sink your senses in the color theme and stay in your dreams. Adding silver tiles with a shimmer effect would add more style to it.


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Magenta in bathroom is lovely and for those people who loves it warm and colorful always everywhere. Many people believe pink or magenta are colors associated with femininity. But that’s not the feel behind it when you really love rich and vibrant colors. Bathroom paint colors like magenta brings a feel of happiness and richness with it, which can instantly boost the mood and make you feel good and warm. And that’s why a bathroom with such colors is for people who are always warm and soaring, and mirthful at heart. If you feel so much alive within then you can always go for this color scheme, and tell your visitors how much your are young and alive inside at heart.


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Another rich color for your bathroom is plum. Plum walls can be experimented with white and woodgrain textures to bring in a mix of rustic and contemporary look. Plum is rich and deep, colorful and vibrant, and a great choice for dark color fanatics. There are some soft pastel shades which you may combine with plum to bring in various looks.

Cherry Red

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A bathroom can be painted cherry red too! If you have never thought of it like that before then now is the time to think and try. Red essentially does not have to be a theme for the kids or the newly wed etc. Cherry red color in the bathroom can very well be imparted in the bathroom to add much energy and positive vibrations into the bathroom. You can add some paintings and wall art on this red background to add more to the design and drama. In fact you must paint it red only when you have a warm heart to admire it everyday. But if you think the other way round, then a red and vibrant bathroom interior can teach you to be happy and vibrant inside each day as you start the day by using the bathroom.

Beach Aqua

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Beach aqua is a charming tone of aqua which can look miraculously deep, peaceful and charming in a bathroom when paired with warm toned accent colors. Yellow tones, beige, and other darker tones of blue, off whites etc are some of the bathroom paint colors you can use in contrast to this color to make the space look really perfect. Refreshing feel that one must get from a bathroom can surely be added with the smart and thoughtful use of this color. Besides, remember to keep the bathroom ceiling in all white to add to the airy and spacious look.

How to plan the bathroom color renovation project

Planning bathroom paint colors and renovating the pace requires gala project planning and thinking, although it’s not that serious and time taking as it sounds. You will have to think about only a few factors here. They are:

  • How big or small the bathroom is
  • What colors you and other members of the family normally prefer
  • Which color suits your general mood and outlook of life
  • If you have any aversion to some color then you must avoid that
  • With your chosen preferred colors you may then look for popular bathroom coloring schemes and pairs