25+ DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas with Before & After Pictures to Inspire

Want to change the look of Bath room? Are you already bored with the look of your present bathroom? If so, then from that we will share the article about the idea of ​​bathroom remodeling design to be more beautiful and neatly arranged.

Because the beauty of a room one that is able to describe attitudes, thoughts and habits of homeowners in everyday behavior. In addition, the atmosphere of a beautiful home room capable of making the mood to be happier in the course of the day.

For those of you who feel confused with the idea of ​​a bathroom remodel design that can be a better mood. Here are some of the latest and best bathroom design ideas that you can make reference in bathroom remodel.

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1. Improvement Bathroom Before and After Renovations

Bathroom Remodeling

This is one example of bathroom repair picture before and after renovation. The left image is the bathroom picture before the renovation, and the right one is the renovated bathroom picture. So it seems that changes in the bathroom to look more beautiful and neat than ever, with just a touch and a slight change.

2. Scripps Shelter Category Prod

Bathroom Remodeling

This is the bathroom renovation of scripps shelter products that are in the bathroom because of various items, can also be a storage area of ​​clothes and other items. In addition, these rooms are not too many.

3. Bathroom Remodel Bathroom Renovation 2017

Bathroom Remodeling

This one bathroom remodeling design is one of the best types of bathroom remodeling in 2017. This bathroom repair is simple but looks so luxurious and beautiful when applied, besides the impression is also minimalist and modern.

4. Awesome Bathroom Tile Ideas Home Design

Bathroom Remodeling

Design bathroom reshuffle with a superb tile is perfect for those who want the beauty and tranquility in it. The walls are decorated with ceramic patterns that differ from one side to the other, showing more beauty in it. Lamp the bathroom located on the rear of the glass bathroom also adds a beautiful aesthetic impression.

5. Ann Lowengart Spa Like Master Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom design below lebuih prioritize comfort and pamper the owners who are in it. It is suitable to do a spa or body treatments to be more beautiful and beautiful. Even so, the layout and design of the bathroom room is very neat and has a high enough artistic value that does not make people bored in it.

6. Remodeled master bathroom with rain showerhead and standalone tub

Bathroom Remodeling

This is a bathroom design reshuffle with a beautiful and marvelous stone design that adorns the walls, floors and bathroom vanities. This design is perfect for those of you who like the feel of a cool natural stone. The dominance of the white color on this bathroom reshuffle makes the peace of itself in the bathroom.

7. One Day Bath Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom design is so simple with the neat layout that it makes it look so amazing to the person who visits the bathroom. Color collaboration dominated by gray and brightly colored brown color in bathroom vanities and mirror glass bathroom make its own beauty in the eye. Although the room is small but still gives the impression of luxury.

8. Best Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

The best bathroom reshuffle is pretty good layout and blend of color so that makes this simple bathroom room becomes more elegant, beautiful and luxurious. So no wonder jikan bathroom design is a favorite of many people to remodel the bathroom becomes more beautiful.

9. San Diego Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

The owner of this room has changed the bathroom so very luxurious and fun. With a large room capable of making various functions and activities in this bathroom. So the owner of this bathroom can bermanja-spoiled and linger in this bathroom to look more clean and beautiful again.

10. LaMantia Design Construction

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a design work of LaMantia Design Construction which has a high value of artwork. Not arbitrarily in put various decorations and bathroom decoration to create a beautiful and beautiful atmosphere that does not forget the impression of luxury in it.

11. Contemporary Full Bathroom With Rain Shower And Built In Bookshelf

Bathroom Remodeling

Contemporary design on the bathroom remodeling is so beautiful because it comes with a window that directly stare with nature. Besides the spacious room that does not take too much space and not too small to make this bathroom so simple. Although simple this bathroom has a beautiful minimalist design and elegant.

12. Modern Bathroom Design With Marble And Black Tub

Bathroom Remodeling

This is a modern design of remodeling bathroom with marble and black tub that is so elegant and luxurious. It is suitable for you who are classy and have a soul of tranquility high.

13. Toronto Elegant Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Remodeling

The design of toronto elegant bathroom remodeling renovation is simple and simple. Suitable ditapka in the bathroom that does not have large enough area to put the bedtub in it. However the minimalist and simple design is able to display the beauty and luxury in it, so as to maintain the dignity of the owner.

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