11+ DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas with Before & After Pictures to Inspire

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the most overlooked as well. It is true that we spend a small amount of time in the bathroom compared to the other rooms. However, how a bathroom looks is very important. It is the place where we clean and relaxes ourselves so you want a well-designed bathroom. For that, bathroom remodeling may be needed.

How should you remodel your bathroom? There is no exact answer to that. It is entirely up to you to decide. That being said, you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, we would like to help you design your bathroom. Below, we have some remodeling ideas to get you inspired. Let’s see what these ideas now, shall we?

1. Bathroom Remodeling Example (Before and After)

Bathroom Remodeling

Alright. You may wonder how drastic the look of a bathroom with remodeling. See the left picture first. This is a bathroom before remodeling. What do you think? It has all the requirement of a bathroom. However, it looks too practical and dull. It seems to be a room where you just enter and exit as quickly as possible.

Now, compare it with the right picture. The picture is after remodeling. The contrast between dark brown and white in the room makes it more interesting and the window is more open, allowing natural light to enter. Although it is the same bathroom, the design is altered. It looks more inviting, more organized, and make you want to spend your time in it.

2. Scripps Shelter Category Prod

Bathroom Remodeling

The more people live in a house, the more storage is needed. Of course, this applies to the bathroom as well. If you live alone, your need for storage in the bathroom will be limited. On the other hand, if you have
a family with children, you will need a lot of storage in the bathroom.

If you need more storage, don’t hesitate to use furniture with lots of storage for bathroom remodeling. There is a lot of such furniture available, from drawer to wall-mount cabinet. They come in various shapes and styles, too. With these pieces of furniture, you can store just about anything you want for your bathroom needs.

3. Minimalist yet Luxurious

Bathroom Remodeling

Who says a minimalist style can’t be luxurious? On the contrary, if properly designed, a bathroom in minimalist style can look so luxurious. Still unconvinced? Just take a look at the picture. It is a beautiful combination of minimalistic and luxurious style. It looks so modern without having to be obvious as well.

As you may have noticed, the bathroom in the picture uses sharp lines, rectangular shapes, and monochromatic colors. The gray and white provide a beautiful and contrasting backdrop while the subtle blue gives a modern and luxurious vibe. Of course, all these can’t be achieved without proper lighting. The lighting must be well-placed to get the intended look, just like in the picture.

4. Style It with Tiles

Bathroom Remodeling

Tiles are not just complementary parts of the bathroom. Tiles can also be used to style the bathroom as well, giving it a special look. The best thing about tiles is that even with simple patterns, they can look great. You can see this in the picture. The ceramic tiles are different from one another, creating patterns with unique shapes.

If you want to add a focal point to your bathroom, consider using tiles on a wall in the bathroom remodeling. Certain tiles, like ceramic tiles, can add tranquility and beauty to the room. To add a more dramatic effect, you can direct the lighting on to the tiles. Don’t overdo it, though. Try to be subtle about it.

5. Spa-like Master Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling

The spa is a good place to relax after you are done with your daily routine. Do you love the spa? If you do, why not style your master bathroom that way? A spa-like master bathroom in the picture emphasizes comfort and relaxation. It is designed so that you can relax and be comfortable in the bathroom.

Making a bathroom to be very comfortable does not mean you should abandon the aesthetic aspect of it. As you can see from the picture, the bathroom is designed in a way that is pleasing to the eyes while allowing whoever that uses it to be relaxed and comfortable at the same time.

6. A Bathroom with Natural Stones

Bathroom Remodeling

Natural stones have a distinct look. If you love natural stones, you would love a bathroom remodeling with natural stones. In the picture, you can see that the natural stones are everywhere. You can find them on the floors, walls, and even bathroom vanities. The combination of the natural stones’ colors and the white background give a peaceful vibe in the room.

7. A Small Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling

Do you have a small bathroom? Having a small bathroom is not an excuse not to remodel your bathroom. Why? Because there are many creative ways to remodel a small bathroom. The picture above is one example. As you can see from the picture, the bathroom is rather small. Yet, it looks good.

The bathroom in the picture combines light gray, light brown, and white. The white and light gray becomes the background colors while the light brown becomes the focal point of the room. They look simple but they do have a certain charm. With the mirror above the sink, the bathroom appears larger than it is.

8. Blend the Colors

Bathroom Remodeling

Sometimes, what it takes for a simple bathroom to look great is nothing more than color blending. The bathroom in the picture actually looks rather simple. However, due to the color blending on the floor, the walls, and the furniture, the bathroom looks more interesting.

If your bathroom looks dull, you can try adding shades of a color. For example, you can blend colors like cream, white, and gray. To create focal points, you can add brighter or darker colors. A subtle color like green is also a good addition to the room.

9. Luxurious and Fun

Bathroom Remodeling

Everybody loves a luxurious and fun bathroom. The bathroom above is an example of a luxurious and fun bathroom. Notice that the owner uses several colors like dark brown, grey, light brown, and white in the
bathroom. There is also yellow from the lighting as well.

For a luxurious and fun bathroom, you will need to use several colors, particularly those that are not too contrasting with each other. You will also need proper lighting, preferably with a yellowish color. A shiny tub or sink will be great, too.

10. Use Earth Colors

Bathroom Remodeling

Need a calm vibe in the bathroom? If that’s what you are after, you can use earth colors. Incorporate colors like brown, light brown, and dark brown on the floor and on the walls. Although you will need earth colors to dominate the room, you will need some other colors as well to balance it out.

As you can see in the picture above, the owners also incorporate white, red, and green to the room. These colors can serve as the balancer as well as the focal points of the room. As for lightings, ceiling-mount and wall-mount lightings add a more dramatic look to the room.

11. A Spacious, Minimalist Bathroom with a Window

Bathroom Remodeling

This is another example of a minimalist bathroom remodeling. This time, however, the bathroom is larger than the previous example. The bathroom above is dominated by white, while the monochromatic grey becomes the focal point of the room. Also, notice that the furniture serves both aesthetic and functional purposes.

There is also a window in the bathroom. The window allows for better air circulation for the bathroom while at the same time allows the owner to see the nature outside. Again, it serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. It is truly a minimalist bathroom indeed.

12. Elegant Bathroom with Black Tub and Marble

Bathroom Remodeling

It doesn’t take much to have an elegant and luxurious bathroom. Like the example above, a somewhat simple bathroom is transformed into an elegant and luxurious one thanks to the black tub and marble parts. The bathroom looks even better thanks to the windows, which allow natural lighting to enter the room.

If you want an elegant bathroom, you can use the picture above as inspiration. You will need a focal point (like the black tub), and a nice background (like the marble). Proper lighting is of course needed. Multiple mirrors are great as well, as they can continue the pattern of the marbles and make the room looks larger.

13. Simple yet Elegant

Bathroom Remodeling

Last but not least in our bathroom remodeling ideas is a simple yet elegant bathroom. This design combines practicality and elegant look. What is interesting is that despite its simplistic look, the bathroom looks quite elegant, especially if you notice the contrast between the sink and the drawer, which is highlighted by the lighting above.

The tiles in the shower make it appear as if it is separate from the room while at the same time, becoming additional focal points of the room after the sink and the drawer. Notice the mirror as well. The mirror reflects the lighting and creates a dramatic look. The owner also makes a statement with the plant in the middle.