17+ Best Bathroom Vanities Design Ideas for Keep Your Bathroom

bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities are home furnishings commonly used in bathrooms. Inside 1 bathroom vanities there are several functions that can be used by the owner to indulge in the bathroom. Some functions are like to facilitate everyone in put stuff in the bathroom, cleaning the face, brushing teeth and mirror in the bathroom.

Because of its many functions by using bathroom vanities activities in the bathroom will be more efficient and effective. Therefore Bradsknutson shared an article about the design idea of ​​bathroom vanities to be used as a reference to private bathroom vanities at home in order to become more beautiful. The reference I share for this design is diverse and best for you.

Here are some of the best bathroom vanities for decorating your bathroom in your beloved home:

1. Transitional Bathroom Vanities

bathroom vanities

This transitional vanity bathroom design looks simple but has a very elegant and luxurious design with a soft gray color.

2. Brown Bathroom Vanitiy

bathroom vanities

The design of this vanity bathroom is very unique and beautiful, themed traditional vanities. But describe something elegant with a charming appearance. Coupled with a distinctive brown color looks more luxurious.

3. Contemporary Bathroom Vanitiy

bathroom vanities

The bathroom design of this contemporary vanities looks elegant and charming. The design is minimalist, modern and elegant that the owner likes very authoritative.

4. Floating Sinks Vanities Romantic Bathroom

bathroom vanities

This vanities design is very simple, without consuming much space. So it becomes an effective design for those of you who do not have enough space in your bathroom.

5. Elegant Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanities

The design of this vanity bathroom is elegant and elegant, equipped with several shelves as storage and also sinks on it. The jam was a bluish-green color that made it look more luxurious.

6. Modern Bathroom Vanities

bathroom vanities

Modern bathroom vanities design is suitable for use in bathroom ruuang minimalis because of its small form efeisien. The shape is also simple with elegant colors that make it suitable for you who are quiet and do not want to be hard.

7. Assemble Bathroom Vanity & Cabinet

bathroom vanities

It is a bathroom vanities with a luxurious look, depicting a person’s great personality. Although it looks luxurious design is actually very simple, just the penataanya that fit make it look beautiful.

8. Best Bathroom Vanities

bathroom vanities

The following bathroom vanities design is one of the best designs ever. Placing it on the wall and its long, thin size makes it more effective. Besides the traditional and elegant design with wooden style makes it look luxurious.

9. Modern Walnut Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanities

Here is the best bathroom vanity, beautiful design and luxurious to have. By using the design of your bathroom will look more authoritative in the eyes of others. Some of the existing storage space in vanities bathroom is very fitting and suitable.