99+ Best Bedroom Paint Color Design Ideas for Inspiration Your Bedroom

bedroom paint ideas

Bedroom paint color ideas – If the first style of a house identical to a spacious room, different from now. Today people tend to prefer a minimalist building. However, a common problem that often happens is the limited space and narrow space. Includes bedroom.

No need to worry if your bedroom looks more narrow, there are several ways you can do to make the bedroom look bigger. What is that?

The game of paint color of the bedroom is considered as the most appropriate way in making the narrow bedroom becomes noticeably wider because it is considered able to turn the room. Here’s Avantela review 10 colors of the perfect bedroom paint applied to the small room.

1. Color paint white bedroom

bedroom paint ideas

The color of white bedroom paint is one of neutral colors that is best suited for the narrow room. This one bedroom paint color makes the small room feel wider than the actual size. The paint color of the white bedroom will reflect light and make the room brighter and present an open impression.

Moreover, the color of white bedroom paint is easy to combine with other colors, paint color white bedroom can also facilitate us when put wall hangings. In order not boring, decorate the white walls with wall stickers or a minimalist mural. This trick can make the room more beautiful and vivid despite its limited breadth.

2. Yellow as the color of the Bedroom paint color

bedroom paint ideas

Just like white, yellow bedroom paint colors can also have the same effect. The color of yellow bedroom paint is a color that can reflect sunlight. Because it can reflect sunlight, the room feels so small it looks so spacious.

For a cramped room, choose a paint color yellow or pale yellow bedroom like a lemon. In addition, consider also to combine the color of yellow bedroom paint with white furniture to add dimensions in a small room.

3. Color paint gray bedroom for a cramped room

bedroom paint ideas

If you do not like the color of white bedroom paint, you can choose to apply a light gray color to the bedroom room is narrow. The paint color of this bedroom gives the impression of soft and calm. Like the paint color of white and yellow bedrooms, the gray also reflects light around the room and can give the impression of a spacious room.

If you want your small room clean impressed, choose not only a strong furniture, but also furniture that match the color. Selection of gray room paint colors will give the impression of classic as well as modern in the room.

As a complement, add a brightly colored home decor, this will reinforce the spacious impression in the room.

4. Wide oceanic impression with blue bedroom paint color

bedroom paint ideas

The paint color of the bedroom is reminiscent of a vast and unlimited ocean. The paint color of the bedroom with the blue palette can provide brightness and spacious impression into a small room.

You can combine the paint color of this bedroom with white or yellow. Choose a funitur also neutral wall trimmings to make the room feel spacious but also does not seem excessive. In addition to giving a great effect on small rooms, paint color blue bedroom can also bring a cool atmosphere.

5. Color paint the beige bedroom presents a roomy sensation

bedroom paint ideas

Another solution to make the narrow room to feel more spacious is to use cream colored bedroom paint. The paint color of this bedroom can bring a warm and airy sensation. To be boring, you can add accents to the color of brightly colored bedroom paint.

The best way to bring dimensions to narrow walls is the use of textures. A blend of natural cream and wooden finishing walls will make the room feel spacious, warm and comfortable for the occupants.

6. Bedroom paint color turquoise for a captivating visual

bedroom paint ideas

Wall accents refer to the staining technique of one or two walls of different colors. The goal is to create visual separation or point of interest. This technique can be used in a narrow room to present a wide illusion in the room.

Color paint bedrooms turquoise or also commonly called the blue green is very suitable for small rooms to look bigger. As with other paint colors of the bedroom, the paint color of the green-blue bedroom can also provide a cool and fresh atmosphere in the bedroom.

7. Green lemon as a choice of bedroom paint color ideas

bedroom paint ideas

If you are left in a warm-tempered area and a room filled with natural light, use the color of lemon green bedroom paint as a tropical touch. Although rarely used to paint the bedroom color, lemon green color can also make a narrow bedroom to feel bigger. Lemon green color can also reflect light from the sun or light with a good light, so it will give effect to the room more open room.

8. Using paint color pastel bedroom

bedroom paint ideas

You can also use pastel bedroom paint colors. The pastel colors themselves are created from a mixture of primary or secondary colors mixed in white, resulting in a milder, softer color. Pastel bedroom paint color is also very suitable if applied to the child’s room.

The paint color of this one bedroom always managed to attract attention and give the impression of a roomy narrow. Color pastel bedroom paint will provide fun, make not easily bored and relieve stress. Using the same decoration with the paint color of the bedroom is a clever trick to cause the effect of wider space.

9. Color paint the bedroom red wine

bedroom paint ideas

When compared with other paint colors of the bedroom, this burgundy color does seem darker. However, the paint color of this bedroom can make a narrow room becomes more visible area. The paint color of the burgundy bedroom is perfect for you to wear in the narrow bedroom.

Pair with other colors, such as white or pastel colors. You can also combine the paint color of this bedroom with a gray color that creates the impression of spacious and elegant at the same time.

Adding canvas posters, curtains and colored curtains can also give the impression of elegance in your bedroom. Try to paint the ceiling with a brighter color than the paint color of the bedroom. It can also get around the room so that the ceiling looks taller and the room will feel more spacious.