29+ Best Childrens Beds Single / Double With Storage And Desk for Home

There are many ways to decorate childrens beds. The most important thing to do is to balance the looks of the beds and functionality. The older the children get, the more the focus should be shifted towards functionality. Conversely, the younger the children, the beds should be designed in a way that it encourages imagination and playfulness.

You may wonder how you should decorate the beds of your children. There are many ways to do it. Do you need an inspiration or two? Well, if you do, we got you covered. Below, we listed a bunch of décor ideas to help you decorate the beds of your children. Let’s start.

1. Creative Bedroom

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Take a look at the picture. Although this is a bedroom, it looks like a house. This décor, although does not involve lots of bright colors, is quite imaginative. The bed appears separated from the other parts of the room, allowing your kid to sleep comfortably.

2. Two Stories Beds

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If you have two children who share a bedroom, this décor is a great option. There are two childrens beds on a bedroom. One is on the floor while the other is wall-mounted. This saves up space and allows you to use the remaining space as you see fit. For example, you can use it as a study desk or storage like in the picture.

3. Bed with Desk

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Usually, two bunk beds are used as, well, beds. This one, however, only left the above bed while using the lower one as a study desk. This is a creative way to make use of the space, especially if the room is used by a child. Not to mention this décor is suitable for teenagers, too.

4. Treehouse Bed

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Do your kids like treehouse? If they do, this décor will be nice for them. As you can see, the beds’ frame is entirely made of wood, giving it a treehouse look. The beds as seen on the picture can accommodate two children comfortably. If only one child will use it, the other bed can be used for other purposes.

5. Cute Bedroom with Curtain

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Need a cute décor for your children? This might be it. Notice that the bedroom is full of colorful and cute items. There is also a fluffy rug on the floor, too, making it more inviting and comfortable for your children. The thin, white curtain is a nice addition.

6. Playful Wooden Bed

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There are many ways to décor childrens beds. This one is focused more on the playful aspect. The bed is placed on the ground. Above it, there is a small playground where your child can play. It’s a nice design but since there is no part of the bed can be used as storage, you will need separate storage to store your child’s stuff.

7. Bed with Wooden Frame

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Most of the time, the beds are placed on the ground, leaving the space above it unused. This one is different. It occupies from the floor up to the ceiling. As such, it has enough room to accommodate not just two children but also storage as well. Its playful look is a bonus.

8. Bed with a Roof

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Want something extra ordinary for your child? Try this shack-like bed. The design is quite simple. The bed is on a wooden platform with fences around it and a roof above. This enables the bed to be separated from the rest of the room and at the same time, providing a playful bed for your child.

9. Bed with a Small Playground

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The bedroom of a child should not be just a bedroom. It should be a place where they can play, too. This picture is the example of that. The all-white bedroom has a bed on the ground while the higher area is used as a playground, accessible through a small ladder on the side.

10. Two Beds for Boys

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Boys love to move around and play. This childrens beds design accommodates that. You can see that there are two beds connected by a small ladder. On the higher bed, there is a rope dangling from above, which your children can play with.

11. Bed with a Study Desk and Storage

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This décor looks very playful, isn’t it? That said, this décor can last long than you may think. Notice that the space below the bed can be used as a study desk, a playground, and storage. This means that you can use this décor up until your child becomes a teenager.

12. Compact, Simple Two Level Beds

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If your children have a small bedroom, you need to be creative so they can rest comfortably inside. One example is by building a compact bunk bed like in the picture. Although it may not seem as playful as the other examples, this décor makes use of the space efficiently, allowing the remaining space to be used as you see fit.

13. Bed Above, Storage and Playground Below

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This is another example of space-efficient childrens beds. This décor works well for a small bedroom, especially if the ceiling is high. The bed is placed above while the space underneath is used as storage and a simple playground.

14. Lofted Bed

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Having a narrow and long bedroom? Not a problem. A lofted bed can help you utilize the space effectively. The bed can be accessed with a ladder, which serves as storage, too. With a wardrobe underneath the bed, there is no space left unused in this décor.

15. A House-like Bed with Storage

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Separating the bed from the other areas of the room is a great way to make things more manageable. In the picture, you can see that the bed is quite separated. What’s more is that there is also extra storage underneath the bed.

16. Loft Bed for Girl

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If your child is going to be a teenager soon, you may want to try this décor. The bed is placed above, near the ceiling. The space under it, on the other hand, is used as a study desk, storage for books as well as other items.

17. Surf Shack-themed Children Beds

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This décor is really unusual. How could it not? The beds are designed to resemble a surf shack you often see in a beach. To complement the beach theme, there is an anchor, a life buoy pillow, and even bed and pillow sheets with fish-patterns.

18. Cozy Beds

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This is an example of compact and cozy childrens beds. The décor is very simple. It has various colors and patterns. Unlike other décor ideas on the list, this one is more functional than playful.

19. Three Simple Beds

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This is another example of more functional and less playful décor idea. Not much is used in this décor. The best thing about this décor idea is that it can accommodate three children in a bedroom.

20. Lofted Bed with a Playground

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Children need a lot of space to play around. If that’s what you look for, consider this décor idea. With te bed is placed near the ceiling, the room underneath offers a roomy playground for your child.

21. Lofted Bed with a Desk

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Some childrens beds ideas can last long as they can accommodate not just children but also teenagers. This décor idea is one of them. On the floor, there is a study desk and ample space to play around while the bed is wall-mounted above.

22. Cool Bed for Teenagers

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This is a minimalist and very practical décor idea. The space underneath is used as a study desk and storage, while the bed is placed above, accessible via stairs that serve as storage.

23. Cute and Playful Bed for Girls

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This one is a very cute décor idea, an ideal choice for small girls. There is a ladder, a slide, and a small playground below the bed.

24. Fort-like Beds

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Are your children loves to play fort? If so, use this décor idea. The bunk beds are designed to resemble a fort. The lower bed can be used as a tent, while the higher one has a small canopy.

25. Small Urban Bed

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This one is suitable for older children and teenagers. Notice the desk and extra storage under the bed. While the décor is quite practical, it still has a playful touch on it.

26. DIY Beds with Wooden Frame

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Looking for DIY childrens beds? Well, look no further than this idea. The décor is very simple. It has wooden frame that accommodates the second bed above which is accessible via a makeshift ladder on the side.

27. Colorful Bed with Desk and Storage

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This is a good option for older children and teenage girls. There is a study desk, storage for books and other items, and a ladder to access the bed above. The décor also uses various bright colors, fitting for older children and teenage girls alike.

28. Modern Bunk Beds

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Not all beds for children are designed to be playful. This modern bunk bed is an example of that. The décor focuses on providing a comfortable bed, with no space for playground.

29. Simple yet Stylish Bed

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A stylish décor idea for childrens beds. This playful décor is a suitable option if the bedroom is large. The downside is that it can only accommodate one child.