√ 45+ Popular Girls Bedroom Ideas For Splendid Makeover Of Any Bedroom

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A teen or girls bedroom must be designed the apt way as per the mood of the baby girl. Even if she is a baby, she will soon grow up and catch up with the emotions teens show. Hence instead of remodeling a room again and again every 2 to 3 years, it’s good to plan well, and invest once in a very nice theme with lots of helpful furniture, fittings, bed style and concepts for the girl. A well planned and decorated room will make the girl feel how much her interests are cared for, how much she is loved and pampered, and will also give her an inner boost in confidence for being comfortable in her bedroom as her own corner.

Cute and practical

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A pretty and practical bed room design can be obtained by adding some decent privacy around the bed. It can be done by adding curtains round the bed posts. The girl will feel comfortable with this privacy when she invites friends for a sleepover.

Princess Green

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Green can be used smartly to look majestic, and make the girl feel like a princess or queen. A lemon yellow to green bed head board, and a wall in all minty green an look marvelous.

A simple girls bedroom can be transformed into a pink zone with nice white highlights. It needs a nice bed sheet with lots of pink on white, some pink pillows and cushions, a pink based carpet, and curtains to suit the theme. Pink, white and orange can create wonders in the room.

Yellow Gray Combo

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Imagine the girls bedroom with gray floral design on wallpaper, and butter yellow curtains and sheets to suit it. Gray and yellow can go hand in hand to create a cool and warm effect together.

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Floral design always works for teen girls. Sheets and curtains, wallpapers and other furniture laminates can contain a nice floral design in any chosen color. Pink is a common choice, and any shade of pink, violet, lilac, lavender, magenta etc works perfectly. Floral prints highlighted on neutral colors looks great.

Shabby chic

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Shabby chic is a completely DIY theme for girls bedroom, for which you need no interior designer. Simply putting together some old and shabby looking and yet usable items in a crafty way and highlighting them through the use of some accent colors can be a very creative approach to decorate a girl’s bedroom.

The statement themed bedroom is a smart combination made by mixing up various prints and shades, and patterns in various places like, the bed linen, curtains, wall texture or paper, carpets etc. A statement themed girls bedroom looks smart and classy.

Modern Glam

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If your girl is a teen fashionista, then she would love a bedroom adorned in white silver and hot pink. The trio can create a killer look for a glamorous theme. And a fashion lover teen would love this style in her bedroom.

Hangup zone

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Some girls prefer their bedroom to be designed as a hangup zone where they can call friends, have sleepovers, chats, group studies or talks. For them this theme that contains a hammock or hanging chair at one corner of the room is quite interesting.

A serene girls bedroom is the perfect ground to set the mood for serenity. To create such a look you can combine turquoise with fresh green, and then combine some black and white with it. This color scheme is great to create serenity and relax the senses.

Cozy Corner

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If the room is small and there is one window beside which the bed come sofa or seater can be placed, then you can add bright colors like yellow, orange and pink to the décor, and can add some bed linen and cushions of warm colors to make the room appear plush and cozy. Also the addition of a small bed side table to hold some food and drinks can add to the comfort, as the teen girl will stay comforted in her corner through the day.

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Bunk beds are always adventurous and special. A girl would love to go up and down in her bunk bed. If the wooden panel of the bed is decorated and painted bright like in red, then it would add to much charm and warmth and vibes in the room. Pink and red can work together to make up that silly, happy, and adventurous color theme.

Designer style theme

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A designer look can be created when a few colors are mingled together which are all neutral tones. Neutral tones when taken 3 to 4 can be used together with on single bright color for the accent. This makes the look trendy, glamorous and bold. Thus a designer style is created for the girls bedroom. When faux fur, cotton, and such textures are added then more dramatic combinations can be created.

Mixed color for a baby girl

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A baby girl child will be happy to knit her dreams amidst lots of colors. That’s why a dreamy mixed color mesh must be knitted for such a girls bedroom. You can create such looks by mixing floral patterns, fern and petal designs, and can help build that dream world.

The glam bedroom

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The glamorous touch and luxury feel in the bedroom for the comfort and glam lover girl can be brought by the introduction of stylish side tables, light fixtures like hanging lights, and some table lights etc.

If your girl often invites friends and buddies for sleepovers, then you can create an awesome sleepover friendly girls bedroom by making a day bed available under the normal bed. The second bed would otherwise stay concealed under the main bed.

Gray and pink

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Dark gray and dark pink, both can be used together while giving them accent through plenty of white here and then to create a bold and smart, crafty and creative look for the bedroom.

A doll’s house bedroom in blue

Baby girls love playing with dolls, and love to dream a lot too. That’s why blue works great in creating a space where the girl would sleep and also play amply with her dolls. Why not put a doll’s house in dream blue theme too. Gone are the days of playing with the girly pinky color all the time; now it’s time to experiment with some light blue rather.

Contrast in cool

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Imagine playing with hot and cold colors together. Try some dark gray blue and bright yellow, and mix some white with them. A wall with dark blue and peacock design in white over that, a bed linen in white, and furniture with yellow accent color will make it the reality for you. This is how you use contrast in the coolest way.

French Victorian fusion with eclectic teen

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This can be a beautiful and artistic fusion if you can play the game well. You would need French Victorian style furniture in the room, and some cool and classy paint and wall colors for the other objects to bring in the eclectic modern touch.

A bedroom where there would be hideaway bed as a wall closet which can be hid by curtains, and other compact and space saving furniture would look smart and chic for a girl who loves organized looks.

Floral fun

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A room with floral paint or wallpaper, and gray, white and black colored furnishings to draw contrast with the floral pattern would look very robust and smart.

When you use pastel shades then the style looks classic. And you can create that classic and colorful style using soft pastel colors like pink and blue. Using butterfly motifs adds more to the style.

Simple and soft

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Softness can be nurtured with simplicity and the selection for the right cool colors. And you can do that for a sensitive creative and soft girl by using cool gray, ample whites on the gray, and lots of soft curtains in white. Black and white contrasted cushions and linens all would complement the look, and add to the softness when you keep the percentage of gray and white more.

Dream look

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Sometimes vintage, rustic, and bohemian looks can join together to form great dream effects. Bohemian style bold colors and crafty pillows and linen, and furniture with rustic look, walls of a vintage look, all collides to form a confused fusion, and a dream look.

There are some primary colors which when mixed with fluorescent accents can create wonders. You can mix and match such solid shades to see the magic. The lighter fluorescent colors can be used on the floor.

Mixing different shades of pink and red here and there and using lots of floral patterns in these shades in bed linen, curtains, wall papers, carpets etc can bring in a nice pretty flower shower in the room.

Bold and purple

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Purple and violet can be used amply to create a vivacious mood in a room for twin girls with a bunk bed, and lots of paints and decorative items.

Pastel blue or cool blue is a tone that mixes very well with pale and subtle shades of pink to create wonders. The room can have a magical look and look very soft and peaceful.

When you are decorating the room for a mature girl then the white and crème shades can play vital roles. A little dash of bright colors here and there can be used for a matured teen, and then you will have the option to add more colors in the future as per the choice and mood of the girl.

When very light pink is used against white then this brings on a country chic look. A girls bedroom in all white and subtle pink here and there brings on this very special country look.

Colorfully functional

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Teal and whit are very good combo makers and can help you create a very tranquil cool look, and also would look colorful in eyes. A gallery created on the teal wall can create great accents.

Bubbly and bright

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Once again a right combination of teal and black with some golden yellow can create a very exciting interior. The interior would look smart, bubble, bright, and very exciting.


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Only one wall in black can bring on quite a lot of drama. Only you must see that this wall do not interferes with the room lighting by absorbing any light badly. Combining lots of white and highlighting tones like violet and purple can make the girls bedroom smile.

A teenager bedroom with abstract theme, where no furniture or fittings matches one another in shape and yet they have a common color theme, like a floral print etc, would look perfect in spite of the odd sizes and shapes.

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When you use all vintage furniture and color them in a soothing neutral tone to look cool, then you can cultivate this serene and cool look with the vintage theme.

The beach look

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A girls bedroom with a beach look can be really interesting, fun, and can be a great place for the girl to be in. Turquoise blue, beach blue, and mild green texture for accent can make a room peaceful, bright, and beautiful. Some white and green on the bed linen with bluebed posts can make things rev up even more.

For fussy growing up teens you need to give them plenty of accessories, facilities, storage cabinets etc, so that they can always get some place to keep and organize their stuff. And when you paint and spray pink, red, orange and such vibrant colors everywhere in such a room with ample white background too, then this can look really fresh and stylish.

Mature Makeover

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Once a princess-themed room, this pink space received a teen-worthy upgrade by swapping out kid-friendly decor for chic gold accent pieces, bold patterned fabrics and a fun floral feature wall.

Green With Envy

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Stunning emerald green walls and floral accents give this preppy room a touch a of whimsy.

Fun Cottage Style

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Packed with fun cottage style, this cheery bedroom features soft pastel walls, a mix of floral and gingham fabrics and a desk area that doubles as a makeup vanity.

Add Personality With Wall Decals

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Large wall decals like the hockey player decal displayed in this stylish white and gold room are a great, removable way to add a touch of personality to a teen’s space without sacrificing style.

Girls Bedroom to Grow

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Designer Claire Paquin carefully crafted this glamorous tween room with growth in mind. She kept the room’s main elements — flooring, wall color, built-ins and more —  in a neutral palette to allow for shifting style preferences through the years.

Stylish + Functional

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With a wall-length desk and copious storage space, this teen bedroom is both stylish and totally functional. Accent pieces in soft primary colors bring cheery life to the classic white walls and muted carpet.

Gallery Walls Girls Bedroom

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This 11′ x 12′ bedroom looks and feels much bigger thanks to bright blue art-covered walls, fun coral bedding and hot pink accents.


These ideas are so versatile that you can adapt any to get that special look that your baby girl or teenager would like. Carefully chosen theme according to the choice and mood of the girl can transform any simple and old styled bedroom into a totally new fresh girls bedroom for a great stay.