41+ Best Inspiration Window Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas with Pictures

You know you will be living a life of luxury when you have an indoor pool. It offers for privacy along with a year long excitement and fun. You can create a space for fun, play and exercise by customizing your interior pool area into a new one. Thus, here are a few ideas lined up for your convenient indoor pool design.

Here are some indoor pool designs that you can make reference at home if you want to create an indoor swimming pool.

Shehan Pools

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This is one of the most prominent kinds of indoor pool décor ideas with large stones and LED lightings. You can decorate the surrounding areas with plants. This will add to the perfect tropical look to your indoor pools.

Port of Bay Trade

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You can always choose to increase the visual size of your pool by enhancing the shape and size of the roof. If your pool area has a larger dome, it will appear that your pool is bigger compared to the original size.

Le Meridien

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With this kind of pool area, you can definitely recreate the requirements. All you need to do is take full advantage of the space available. To enhance the look, you can customize the pool area based on your requirements,

Tioga Pools

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Are you looking for a relaxed time within your house? This maybe the perfect idea for recreation. By adding a glass roof over your pool area, you will get to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Also, you can relax by your indoor pool while taking full advantage of the light of the nature.


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Just like the name, the design too is quite different from the natural ones. All one needs to do is create the pool by giving it various lines and dimensions. This will help to increase the depth of the pool on a visual basis.

Kepler House

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You can choose to plant some trees around your indoor pool area. This will help to increase the greenery within your area. There will be a sufficient balance of the nature within the pool area.

Mason Rose

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How about a pool outside the bedroom area? Perfect. You can place your indoor pool just next to your bedroom and enjoy the comfort that it has got to offer. It is one of the most desirable ideas.

Small Indoor Cades

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Leave aside the bedroom, you can even get a pool near your living area. This will help you to enjoy the dive whenever you wish to. You can ask your designer to install the pool near your living area.


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This is a kind of green pool surrounded by the natural beauty. Placing small plants near the swimming area, will give you a feel of diving in the depths among the nature.

Small Indoor Pools

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Small pools are the perfect size. To improve the space and look, you can choose to add the glass doors and windows near the pool. When you’re using such a pool, you will get to enjoy the beauty surrounding you through the glass windows as well as doors.

The perfect indoor swimming pool idea

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If you have a luxurious house, make sure to add an indoor swimming pool. Nevertheless, the most perfect ones to suit your needs would be the ones with classical or contemporary touch. This will itself enhance the luxurious and expensive look of your house and take everyone by surprise.

Vintage Small Indoor Swimming Pool with Rectangle Shape Design

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In today’s world, there are some who love the touch of classic within their houses. Not everyone is in love with the modern interior. Many people wish to have the classical touch of the vintage designs within their houses. So, if you are one of them, then you can get a vintage indoor swimming pool design for your house. Just make sure to put up big glass window near your rectangular pool area. Also, you would get to enjoy the moonlight by your pool during the nights. Classic, isn’t it?

Kidney Shaped Pool With Waterfall

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This is a perfect design if you wish to have a simple yet the quirkiest design. This is a complete out of the box idea. You can definitely customize and attain the minimalistic design with this kidney-shaped pool. To enhance the look, you can decorate the side walls with some bricks and add some water so it gets to flow. A wooden roofing would just add to the vintage touch near your pool area.

Contemporary Modern Indoor Pool Idea

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Don’t want a classic or vintage look? Then this is just the perfect idea for people who love modern interior designs. This kind of design will blend well with the contemporary design and add the elegant look and charm to your pool area. This is a design which is admired by kids as well as adults. You can use this pool area to throw a giant party or for relaxing during the weekends after a tiring weekday. This pool idea will itself add the charm in your house and you will not need to travel distances to get to the beach and have a relaxing time.

Indoor Small Pool in Living Room

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If your bedroom can have a pool right beside it, why can’t your living room have one within it? This is one of the most modern ideas but a perfect one for those who love experimenting. Place some furniture right beside the pool or some windows on the ceilings. Just make sure to paint the nearby areas white to get the more soothing effect. This will be a perfect photography spot in bright sunlight.

Rustic Indoor Swimming Pool

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This is the best idea for people in love with rustic pools. Just cover up the ceilings and a few walls with the rustic wood to enhance the effect. This will help you achieve the most desired look of a swimming pool. This will be one of the ideal places for relaxing with windows allowing sunlight and woods covering the ceilings.

Vintage Style Glass Window Pool

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If you have been a fan of Gondolas, you can get them in your house with this theme. Build up a large swimming pool and add some greenery around it. Place in a boat and enjoy your personal Italy indoors.

Beautiful Swimming Pool in Apartment

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You can get a swimming pool like those in the hotels with this idea. All you will need to do is place the narrow and long swimming pool below your room. Do not forget to add the lightings with strip on it. The patterned tiles would play an important role in improving the overall décor of the pool.

Timeless Indoor Rectangular Pool

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No matter how many generations have passed, this will always remain everybody’s favorite. This is a perfect indoor swimming pool idea. To allow the natural light within the area, you will need to add some windows. This will help the sunlight and the moonlight to pass through. To have the timeless theme, ensure that you have put up enough number of windows.

20. Indoor Pool with Inside Lighting

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Pools having inside lighting have always been a perfect idea. Indoor lighting will help to enhance the look of your pool. This fusion would prove to be a perfect one. Set up some lights within the pool area and have a dive. Also, add in some seating arrangements to make it appear more attractive.

Extra Long and Narrow Pool with Star Lights Above

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Many of us have lights put up in the bedroom. The pool area too can have the same. Just the way you used to put up the stars in your room’s ceilings, put them up in the ceilings of your pool area. The stars against the black ceiling of the walls would be a perfect spot to enjoy the dive.

Hidden Indoor Swimming Pool

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This is the perfect idea if you have been a fan of hideouts. Movies have always given us an insight about hideouts such as libraries, attics, but have you ever thought of having a hidden pool? This adds to the exotic charm within the house. The custom of having hidden pools have also started and are being loved by everyone. All you need to do is add a marble floor above the pool to cover it. You can invite your guests and have party on it. However, when the marble floor opens, it unveils the pool that is sure to attract many eyes.

Creative Pool Stair Design

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Swirly Stairs have been in trend since a long time. Back in the early days, the swirly stairs had the touch of black patterns. If you have been a fan of such a design, make sure to add one for your swimming pool. You can use the stairs to enter your pool. Add big windows to the nearby walls to have a great swim and also to enjoy the nearby beauty.

Extensive Millwork with Rich Woods in Indoor Pool

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You can set up plant pots and white walls surrounding your pool area to enhance the look. You can also add some ceiling lanterns. Though the idea is simple, it is quite attractive with woods and lanterns nearby. The plants would offer for rich and fresh air surrounding you.

Beautiful Teak Deck Japanese-style Swimming Pool

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Japanese styles have always been the top-notch trends. The classic tradition of Japan helps to enhance every beauty nearby. Make sure to build your swimming pool in the nearby area. The thick wooden base with windows nearby would help to enhance the look even more. Make sure to put up a glass door which will take you outside the house.

New York Indoor Swimming Pool

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Park Hyatt New York has one of the best indoor swimming pools. They have the modernistic flavor within them. The big rooms with glass windows will allow a view of the outside world. Put up the chandeliers on the ceiling to add the modern touch. If you decorate your house by taking inspiration from this, you will surely be delighted with the results.

Glass and Wooden Door and Ceiling Pool

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If your plans are to spend in hotels and cabinets at popular sites, do not forget to decorate with the indoor ceiling pool. This is one of the ideal choices for the cabins. Set this up within the areas, from where you get to enjoy the best views. A glass and wooden near the swimming pool will only contribute to enhance the look even more. Adding a viola would also be an appropriate option. The better the view, the more money you will get from your customers.

Long Narrow High Ceiling Swimming Pool

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This is one of those ideas that we have seen in movies with stars walking down to their narrow long swimming pools. This kind of pool offer the heating mechanism for water. Usually these kinds of pool are found in spas ad luxurious hotel rooms. If you want you can even get one of these for your room. However, make sure that the interior of your room complements the color of your pool. The touch of the marble can play an important role in improving the look. The chaise lounges will add to the luxurious rooms within the hotel.

Decorative Swimming Pool Lighting

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If you add some beautiful lightings in your pool area, it can prove to be the perfect spot for photography. It will provide the natural light. If you want to have the touch of artificial as well as natural light, make sure to put up your indoor pool in such an area from where it can get the moonlight or sunlight. This will be the perfect spot for swimming anytime of the day.

Marble Floor with Wall Luxurious Pool

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This is the perfect luxurious look for an indoor pool. It has the simple and classic finish to it. You can build this swimming pool within any area you want. You can even set up this swimming pool just a few steps lower to the floor level. You can then swim around your own room. Some of these pools have customized heating mechanisms.

Tropical Rock Garden

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This garden has the tropical touch with greenery surrounding it. This is one for the most exotic indoor swimming pool ideas.

The Water Wing

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The great pane windows would allow sufficient light to enter your house. It can act as a perfect spa or pool place.

Fireplace and Pool

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Having large space around your pool can give in enough space to put up a fire heath. This is one of the most attractive designs for your swimming pool. The stone façade near the fireplace would only contribute to improving the look.

Nature Lovers

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If you are a nature lover, you can set this indoor swimming pool up amongst the lap of nature. Make the most of the nearby forest environment. You will be able to include all the beauty of the nature within one frame.

Elegant Modern Indoor Pool

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This is the perfect idea for an indoor swimming pool within the summer house. Summerhouse are the perfect options when you have been looking for place to spend quality time or vacation with your family members. The look of your summerhouse can be more enhanced with the classic and vintage touch of a swimming pool. To enhance the seating arrangement, you can provide for the waterproof sofa nearby. Make sure that the colors of your furniture well compliment the color of your interiors.

Indoor Pool with an Amazing View

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Swimming Pool with a Jacuzzi is always a big yes. With this swimming pool, you can set up a jacuzzi within and enjoy the relaxing time. Make sure that the swimming pool is spacious enough so that you can insert the jacuzzi in any corner. You can customize the swimming pool as per your requirements. However, setting the swimming pool up in an area where you can enjoy the beauty of nature is a perfect idea.

Luxury Indoor Party Pool

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If you want to relax, go for a spa. If you are investing on spa, make sure to have a complementary interior design. You should also consider having the best indoor swimming pool. The quality of the swimming pool can have a major impact on your customers, so make sure you have a right one.

Pool for Small Indoor Space

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This is a perfect idea for those who love small swimming pools decorated with pots. This is a very simple yet attractive design. You can even choose to have this kind of swimming pool within a staircase. You can choose to decorate the indoor pool by placing several seashells around it.

Bright Interior Design Around Pool

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This pool design offers for a luxurious and wealthy look. Place some mimosa and comfortable sofas around to enjoy. Make sure to have a great interior with a glass ceiling. This will be a major attraction during the night.

Indoor Swimming Pool Wood Ceilings

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Wooden ceilings are simple and classic. You can place lights on it to attract the attention of the people. Since this will be placed around a spacious area, you will get to enjoy swimming and also work-out. Ensure to put up a big glass door to allow light in.

Rectangular Shaped Pool

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This is the perfect idea for your bedroom. Put up big sofas and face them towards the swimming pool. You can set up a traditional themed wall. Ensure to put up attractive lightings on the ceilings.

These were few of the most attractive ideas that you can try to set up the indoor swimming pool within your room. Whether you are trying to set up a spa or hotel, you can try out a few of these ideas.