√ Popular Kitchen Color Ideas That Will Challenge Your Artistic Taste

To some people, deciding the color of their kitchen may not be important. They only treat it as a place to cook and clean. Why would they need any kitchen color ideas if they have no intention to hang out there longer?

Well, if your kitchen happens to be tiny, you are probably up for a more uplifting sight. Choose some of these kitchen color ideas that suit your fancy:

The Candy Apple Green Cabinets

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To have such an uplifting sight in your tiny kitchen, add these candy apple green cabinets. Its brightness can also make your kitchen look more spacious. This is one of the most unique, small kitchen ideas.

Since the green might remind you of nature, you can also add some more colorful decorations. For example, colorful butterflies made of papers. You can hang them above your window and put them on the shelves.

Since the white wall looks empty, you can also add some butterfly pictures hanging on the wall. With these kitchen color ideas, you no longer feel like you are in the kitchen. You are in a made-up, dream garden where paper butterflies fly.

The Striking Orange Kitchen Wall

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If your kitchen cabinet has been built in this way and you cannot think of any colors, let’s focus on the wall. To contrast, the white kitchen cabinet and its marble countertop, paint the wall bright orange. It represents your striking and bold personality.

It has been known that bright colors add more space in the room. This orange-painted wall does the same thing too. For something to contrast it, display a set of blue bowls on the wall. Of course, make sure that they are safely placed there.

For your kitchen utensils and appliances, you can go with these color combination: blue and orange. For example, blue dishes and orange cups.

The Themed-Wallpaper

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You would probably like to keep your tiny kitchen in its usual black-and-white look. However, you also feel like to add something more. Instead of painting the wall with another color, a themed-wallpaper might do the trick here.

Of course, you do not need to fill the entire wall space with the themed-wallpaper. Just use half of it (for example the upper half) to mark where the white shelves are. That way, the white shelves will not look ghostly against the white wall.

The themed-wallpaper can be of many things. For example: if you love classic movies, pictures of long-ago actors on the silver screen might be suitable.

The Splashback, Retro-Print Wallpaper

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This is another one of the kitchen color ideas that require the use of wallpaper. Besides the nicely-bright colors, the retro print also makes this splashback wallpaper a contrast to the kitchen stove.

The wallpaper should be plastered neatly since the colorful print needs to look smooth on its surface. A little wrinkle at the edges will ruin it all. The last thing you need is to redo everything, which will cost more money and waste more time.

Another Splashy Style

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This is another splashy style that fits your tiny kitchen. As one of the small kitchen ideas with white cabinets and island, you also focus on the wall by using the statement, mosaic glass tiles.

Just like the other kitchen color ideas, you will only need one wall space for your mosaic glass tiles. This will give your kitchen a modern, urban look with clean lines.

The Kitchen With The Vivid View

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To add more colors in your oh-so-neutral-look kitchen, you can paint the window and door frames with something bold. Another way is to hang colorful curtains for your kitchen windows. Floral or other patterns, it is up to you.

What you may need to avoid here is to choose a pattern which color-combination may not fit your entire kitchen. It is okay to be a little bit colorful, as long as the colors were chosen are still soft enough compared to the kitchen cabinets and island.

Your Private, Mural Gallery

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A bold color or a statement print is not enough for your artistic taste. For another one of these kitchen color ideas, why not make use of your painting talent? Treat one wall as a mural space and start creating. Then make your own gallery.

Just like with the themed-wallpaper, you can also use the upper half of one wall space. There are 3 different options for the mural painting there:

  • A wallpaper of real picture, whether it is of buildings, a countryside, or beaches.
  • A proper-sized still photograph, whether it is in black and white or colorful.
  • Just paint straight on the wall.

The last option is probably the trickiest. It takes a while and you also need to have a real artistic style of your own. Other things to watch out include the dripping of the paint while waiting for it to dry.

Unless you are an expert, it is best not to attempt on the third option. Leave it to the real pro if that is what you still prefer.

The Bold Color Combined with The Right Wallpaper

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Who says you have to choose the bold color or statement print wallpaper for your kitchen? This is one of the small kitchen ideas where you can combine both. Why not? Of course, you still have to make sure that the theme fits between one and the other.

The bright orange and amber tiles on your fireplace may remind you of autumn. To accentuate more natural look in the kitchen, choose a wallpaper with the same theme and the matching color combination.

How about the rest of the kitchen? Besides the white ceiling, stick to the wooden pallet floor, wooden countertop for your kitchen island, a wooden table, and a set of wooden chairs. Yes, the dining room is also combined with the kitchen to save some space.

There are still plenty of other kitchens color ideas. These 8 are the best examples, according to varieties, aesthetics, and also originality. The question is, which do you prefer? Whatever it is, hopefully, you will always love it.