16+ Best Modern Bedroom Design Ideas for Inspiration Your Bedroom

The popularity of minimalist home design is no doubt, especially with a monochrome color palette that peminatnya more and more day. Similarly, the design of a minimalist bedroom. The bedroom which is a resting place must have warm nuances and not painful eyes.

With a minimal and simple interior, the owner of the room can rest with a quiet and clean mind. Although the decor of the room with polka dot walls and colorful carpets and bed linens that fit the personality is also interesting to apply, but the minimalist bedroom design will always look perfect and the aesthetic value provided will not fade by time.

Decorating Ideas and Minimalist Bedroom Design

In this article, our team collects some of the latest room decoration models and minimalist bedroom designs from the interior design services portfolio and building contractor listed at Bradsknutson.com, to be your inspiration when it comes to renovating or overhauling the rooms. Not only does it look elegant and simple, the inspiration below can make your room look spacious and different from ordinary room design!

1. Artistic bedroom design with cement walls

modern bedroom

Certainly everyone can see the uniqueness of this room design. The walls on the back side of the cement bed are given a beautiful geometric texture with wood carvings. Wardrobes with mirrored doors in the bedroom also give the impression of spacious rooms.

2. Design minimalist bedroom skandinavian

modern bedroom

Can easily steal the show. The beauty of the blend of white-gray textured wallpaper, the black-and-white photo frame, and the soft-colored wood furniture, gives the perfect look of scandinavian style.

3. Stylish exposure

modern bedroom

Formed by the lighting of the lamp on the fringe of the ceiling above the platforms. The design of the cabinets and workbenums are put together to provide a modern minimalist twist on its own. Note also the lighting under the cabinet that can make your work activities more productive.

4. Bedroom design size 3 × 3

modern bedroom

with wooden vinyl floors and whitewashed walls, black beds with white bedspreads and blankets will provide a stylish, modern, elegant minimalist style. Arrange artistic figura minimalist various sizes even beautify the platform wall bed room.

5. Classic minimalist room

modern bedroom

not difficult to have. Keep using a neutral or monochrome color blend for the overall furniture and wall of the room. For a classic touch, use a wood vinyl floor patterned and border texture on the walls of the room.

6. Bedroom design size 2 × 3

modern bedroom

The size of the room is very appropriate to use a minimalist design style. This is because the minimalist style that creates the illusion of a wider room. The use of glass cabinets also helped create the illusion.

7. Feminine bedroom design

modern bedroom

Makes you feel like a princess. All the designs and decorations are arranged in detail and harmoniously, resulting in the design of a soft and luxurious bedroom. All-white furniture with marble floors reveals the perfect elegance.

8. Zen-style room design

modern bedroom

Carrying soft colors of nature soothing. The existence of large windows adds to the calm which is an essential element in the zen lifestyle. Beds that tend to be rendang is also the right choice for this zen-style room design.

9. Full wall window

modern bedroom

On the side of the room overlooking the best view of the house or terrace, making the room a warm and soothing place. Incoming natural lights allow you to use as few lights as possible. Use the yellow lights to add a touch of warmth in the room.

10. Monochrome bedroom design with a touch of red

modern bedroom

Is a blend of minimalist home color ever discussed in one of Bradsknutson.com blog article before. Give also a classic modern touch with black and white figura.

11. Collaboration of ceramic walls and futuristic-style walls

modern bedroom

On two different sides. This bedroom is suitable for you who quickly get bored because the learning and sleeping activities can feel like in different places. The presence of full wall mirrors on the edge of the bed platform also makes your room seem spacious and spacious.

12. Modern bedroom in apartment

modern bedroom

With the dominant color of ash and black. Large abstract painting with black background makes the room more stylish. With a full wall window, your room will be more romantic, especially when the day begins to darken and the lights of buildings around your apartment begin to burn. WOW!

13. The bedroom design is unique

modern bedroom

With the installation of a scandinavian-style decor. Beautiful floor and ceiling made of wood makes the room feel taller and spacious. Direct access to outdoors has its own advantages for this room. The placement of the hairy carpet, which is the essential home decor of the skandinavian style, provides comfort and warmth while resting.

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