45+ Best Creative Shower Doors Design Ideas for Bathroom

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Are you looking for a design shower door reference for a residential bathroom? Please refer to the article presented Brad S Knutson is to be used as a reference in choosing and designing the bathroom door ideal craving. Because in this article there are various references of modern, luxurious, minimalist, simple and creative shower door.

Water shower room door can be made according to our standard, we can also order with standard in general in market (we just request the size only). The material also varies but the common one is stainless steel and aluminum. For aluminum we can order to aluminum specialty store.

The design of the shower door must meet the aesthetic standards of the interior, safety standards, and also its function. According to the aesthetics of the door should be neat, made of materials that surface elegant (like aluminum and stainless steel), and the design was appropriate.

According to the glass door safety should be the tempered type. The point is that if this glass breaks, the fractions become grainy and not sharp. According to the function of this doorway should function as the function of the door that is easy to open and close. The hinge should be strong, the door handle must be sturdy, and the electric locking system must function properly.

Which shower door is right for your bathroom?

If you’re looking for a way to give a new look to your bathroom, then changing the shower door or bathtub, is an easy and very effective way to do. And a glass door can provide a modern style, in addition to reducing water leakage, which means it will reduce the work of cleaning this area.

But before starting the renovation and before you think about issues like budget or space, it’s important to have an idea: what do you want to achieve in that room? And that is why we have prepared 14 examples of bathroom doors, ready to inspire you to make changes.

Here are some references, examples of shower doors for a complete bathroom with pictures:

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1. Bi Fold Shower Door Ideas

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The idea of ​​this folding shower door in a minimalist design for a minimalist bathroom room. Despite its minimalist size but its minimalist, modern, unique and creative design is able to make it look beautiful.

2. Marvelous Bathroom Shower Door Ideas

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Bathroom Ideas The door of this design is so creative that it looks beautiful, classic and unique. Although the room used for the shower door is in a small bathroom but elegant appearance makes it look luxurious and majestic.

3. Chrome Dreamline Shower Stalls Kits

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The bathroom door idea for this bathroom uses a luminous chrome lining. Different designs with simple models look good.

4. Curved Glass Shower Door Seal

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Curved glass shower door is classified as modern design, simple and simple but beautiful. This shower door design model is very easy to do on the corner of your residential bathroom.

5. The Best Home Depot Shower Doors

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Gagasan pintu kamar mandi adalah salah satu contoh desain pintu kamar mandi yang pernah ada. Menggunakan konsep pintu geser dari kaca tampak lebih mewah dan indah.

6. Delta Simplicity

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Design of this one shower door is very simple and creative because it combines into one with bathub. This design is used for you who want the bathub is in a small bathroom that does not have more room.

7. Small Bathroom Shower Door Ideas

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The shower door for this small bathroom is classified in a classic and unique design. So this door has its own aesthetic value of art that can make its owners proud.

8. Round Shape Shower

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The design of this curved shower door is outstanding with the previous design. If the previous one with open system close, if this one use sliding design so it does not take many places and simple.

9. Home Depot Tub Surround

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The curved shower doors are similar in design to the first curved shower door design. It’s just the design of the curved shower door on this one has three sides. It was created to add aesthetic impression becomes more beautiful again.

10. Drama to Your Bathroom

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The design of the bathroom door in the bathroom is quite spacious. The design is simple and leaves solid aluminum doors and glass.

11. Sliding Shower Doors

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At first glance the shower door is like open the lid when the design of this shower door is sliding, because in order not to eat too much place. The design of this door is made for the design of a small shower room.

12. Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

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Deasin door shower is very beautiful and beautiful to the eye. The door frame using a chrome coating is combined with a blur-type glass.

13. Gorgeous Cute Coastal Shower Doors Design

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The design of this shower door is cute and classic, a blend of door frame, floor and wall so that it can make this door look so luxurious.