CSS Button With Sliding Information


I’ve been working a lot lately on trying to increase conversions for several products. One issue I’ve face with call to action buttons is that it’s sometimes difficult to convey information in an easy to consume format in such a small amount of space. I searched the web for some good example of CSS buttons, …

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Full Page Background Video


An interesting design trend that I’ve seen on a few high-end websites is the use of full page background videos. We’ve all seen full page background images, but using a video as your background is taking it to the next level. It’s a pretty cool concept, and one that a lot of of newly designed …

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Free MailChimp Autoresponders with Zapier


MailChimp is one of my favorite marketing services. The fact that there is a free option makes it even more appealing to me, and many other marketers. No matter where you stand on the MailChimp vs. Aweber debate, any marketer worth their weight in salt knows that email marketing is still effective and that services such …

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Zig Zag Border Created with CSS


Solid borders are so boring. With flat design being as popular as it is, solid borders are becoming the norm. Remember the days of extravagant transitions between sections and obnoxious borders? Zig zags, swirls, fading, you name it! Some liked this design trend, some didn’t – but those days are long behind us it seems. …

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How to Add Different Sidebar Content For Each Page in WordPress


I’ve built my fair share of WordPress sites. My clients love WordPress because it makes updating their content extremely simple after our contract is up. Of all the project I’ve done and been asked to do, WordPress is by far the most requested. For all that WordPress is, it does have it’s flaws. I’ve written …

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CSS Only Responsive Carousel


If you’ve read any number of my posts, you are well aware that I’m a huge proponent of CSS over Javascript whenever possible. With recent innovations to CSS3 over the last handful of years, animations that once required Javascript can be accomplished with CSS. This means elements such as hover states, animated navigation bars, showing …

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