Zig Zag Border Created with CSS


Solid borders are so boring. With flat design being as popular as it is, solid borders are becoming the norm. Remember the days of extravagant transitions between sections and obnoxious borders? Zig zags, swirls, fading, you name it! Some liked this design trend, some didn’t …

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CSS Only Responsive Carousel


If you’ve read any number of my posts, you are well aware that I’m a huge proponent of CSS over Javascript whenever possible. With recent innovations to CSS3 over the last handful of years, animations that once required Javascript can be accomplished with CSS. This …

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CSS Background Animation


I remember the first time I saw a website with a moving background image. It immediately caught my eye, and I wasn’t able to focus on anything else on the page. It was so new…so cool…it was something I had never seen before. At the …

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