CSS Only Tooltip


I remember the days when I was building tooltips with jQuery. They were so flashy and cool, I used them in nearly all my projects, whether they required a tooltip or not. Over the years, tooltips have slowly faded out of favor of designers and …

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Full Page Background Video


An interesting design trend that I’ve seen on a few high-end websites is the use of full page background videos. We’ve all seen full page background images, but using a video as your background is taking it to the next level. It’s a pretty cool …

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Zig Zag Border Created with CSS


Solid borders are so boring. With flat design being as popular as it is, solid borders are becoming the norm. Remember the days of extravagant transitions between sections and obnoxious borders? Zig zags, swirls, fading, you name it! Some liked this design trend, some didn’t …

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