10+ Best Bunk Beds for Kids And Teens with Storage Design Ideas

Bunk Beds for Kids – Confused how to cultivate a small bedroom into a comfortable rest room for family members? Indeed, the bed is one of the most difficult rooms to set. The reason is that the size of a large bed or perhaps the number of children at home becomes an obstacle to creating a comfortable sleeping space.

It is not possible if the small bedroom can be transformed into a very interesting. With a level bed, you can have a bedroom that is not only comfortable, but also a place to rest after a busy day outdoors. Deal with small bedrooms with bunk beds can have a high aesthetic value, as has been shown from the 10 bed level designs below.

Come on, get rid of the curiosity and instantly refer to the cool design of the Bunk Beds for Kids level with Brad S Knutson.

1. White Multifunction White Bunk Beds for Kids Level

bunk beds for kids

Do not have much room for the children at home? Duplicate bedding style of this multifunctional level. The placement of this bed does not come closer to the wide corners in general, but tapping a narrow sloping roof to create a private space that would make the child happy and more imaginative.

The lower level bed is also able to accommodate up to 2 family members with practical storage. Not to mention the bed level is framed with shelves suitable for placing various trinkets. Finally, there is still a comfortable space in addition to their activities.

2. Platform Wood Double Bunk Beds for Kids Level

bunk beds for kids

Creating a platform or platform with a height of height can make the room look more beautiful instantly. By placing a quality mattress as needed, the room does not look awkward as it serves as a neat special area.

You also benefit from the extra space of drawers utilized from the wood platform itself. Finally, the level bed can be decorated by forming a hanging area in the form of wall shelves plus an extra mat also solving the problem of a small space in your bedroom.

3. Practical & Compact – The Sleeping Place of the Boy’s Ideal Level

bunk beds for kids

The bottom of the level bed is where creativity explores in bringing practical, extra storage containers. This bed level inspiration selects shelves and drawers with good symmetrical shapes. In addition, the bed level also has a wide fit so that the bedroom does not look cramped and have the rest of the room that fits.

Complete with matching furniture that is not too big and fit with the kids at home. Do not forget to beautify the room with a consistent color arrangement like green and blue colors that look evenly in this image.

4. Bed Level With Smart Interior Bunk Beds for Kids

bunk beds for kids

With the right design, the narrow bedroom can be transformed into an interior that blends perfectly with your own level bed. This bed level inspiration puts the bed in L shape and has a small, safe ladder for the upper level bed.

Not to forget, the empty space in the upper level bed is also inserted with a bookshelf practically matching. As a result, all family members get a comfortable bed.

5. Innovative Design For Unique Level Beds

bunk beds for kids

Bored with the usual level beds? This is an example of innovative design of bedding levels other than others. This level bed also breaks the perception that the level bed should have the impression “claustrophobic” alias confined in a narrow place.

With the design of this level bed, the wearer can have open space from various directions like a bed in the middle of a spacious bedroom. Want to try it?

6. Inside Shelves For Bedding Beautiful Level

bunk beds for kids

Instead of making an extra shelf at the side of the bed level, how about put a hidden cabinet fitting inside the bedside level? This brilliant idea is seen on the inspiration of a level bed that provides a side shelf for where to put personal objects of family members.

Do not forget, the classic storage at the bottom is also quite large and adequate. By adding this festive decor, the bedroom also looks more attractive and lives without the impression of a forced impression.

7. Stairs Plus Extra Drawer In Bed Cabin Rate Ala

bunk beds for kids

Anyone would want to race to bedded the cabin-shaded level of this ship. With wooden board walls, soft blue soft bedding matching up to a beautiful staircase arrangement, this narrow bedroom is used up to various angles appropriately.

This bedroom is also enhanced with the use of contrasting red and bright colors to enliven the dominating blue color. Not to forget, every step has also been made a drawer pull that can make the room look clean and organized all the time.

8. 3-in-1 Level Bed With Playground Theme

bunk beds for kids

Narrow bedrooms can still be an arena to rest while playing for children at home. This level bed looks like a small playground complete with a double staircase and a cute open doorway. Not to forget, the colorful bed linen complements the dark blue bed accents. Do not be surprised if children get cheerier by the presence of this level bed.

9. Furnishings Double Bed Level, Why Not?

bunk beds for kids

This bed level doubles furniture in the form of small tables on both sides that can be utilized from the side. Not to forget, there is also a high cabinet drawer that becomes a multifunctional buffer.

This opposite level bed looks bigger and dominates the sleeping room, but is already equipped with the needs of its occupants. You live complete with a main furniture where put clothes, complete deh!

10. One Furniture For The Most Efficient Level Beds

bunk beds for kids

No space is neglected in a brilliant furniture bed of this level. This level bed can accommodate up to 3 family members with 3 comfortable mattress layers. Shelves on the side of the bed and the side of the stairs also look well together, so the need to go up and down the bed level can also be facilitated well.

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