10+ Bunk Beds for Kids, Couples, Singles, and Teenagers

bunk beds for kids

Designing the bedroom for your kids can be difficult, especially if you have limited space. With limited space, you will need to do several things at once. For example, you need to provide comfortable beds for your kids to sleep on while making the most of the space. You will need bunk beds for kids design ideas for that.

One of the ways to make use of is to use bunk beds. Bunk beds do not take much space. At the same time, they can be used for many other things such as wardrobe, storage, and even playground for your kids. If you want to make the most of the room, you can use our ideas below as inspiration.

1. Multipurpose Bunk Beds

bunk beds for kids

Multipurpose bunk beds for kids are a great option if your kids’ bedroom is small. On the picture, you can see that the bunk beds also function as wardrobe and storage. Not only that, there are two bunk beds, too. Two bunk beds, a wardrobe, and storage, all in one place. A very efficient way to use space.

As good as they are, multipurpose bunk beds can be a problem too. The problem with multipurpose bunk beds is that you have to keep things organized all the time since basically all your kids’ stuff will be in the same place. Otherwise, things will get cluttered and make it uncomfortable for your kids to rest on.

If you want multipurpose bunk beds like in the picture, be sure that the higher bed is easily accessible to for your kid. Make sure that your kid can climb and reach the bed safely. You can make the higher bed safer by surrounding them with fences. It is a must if your kid tends to move a lot when sleeping.

2. Double Bunk Beds with Platform

bunk beds for kids

Have a lot of space available? Consider these bunk beds for kids. Unlike the first example, these bunk beds don’t function as a wardrobe or storage. Rather, they are designed solely to provide comfortable beds for your kids to sleep on. And since they are meant for kids, they have to be playful as well.

On the picture, there are three beds. Two beds on the ground and one above the ground, supported by a platform. These beds are connected with a small ladder, which enables your kid to access the higher bed. The kids’ stuff is stored behind the left bed on the ground.

Notice that the two beds on the ground are supported by a wooden platform. It can be an ordinary wooden platform. But if you want to, you can use a wooden platform with built-in storage. This adds extra storage without taking up the space in the room.

3. Practical and Compact Bunk Beds

bunk beds for kids

Although playfulness is an important part of a kid’s bedroom design, as a parent you should not neglect practicality. That’s right, you need both practicality and playfulness. How should you design it to accommodate both? Design it more or less like the bunk beds for kids in the picture show.

The bunk beds look tidy, very organized, while still allowing playfulness with bright colors, toys, and other kids’ stuff. Note that the cabinet on the left side is not a full cabinet. Only 4 drawers are used as storage, while the other 4 are used to store toys.

There is also storage under the bed. Again, the storage is divided into two parts. One of them is for storage while other is used to display toys. With a small ladder on the side, the higher bedroom can be accessed easily by children while the fence around the bed keeps them safe.

4. Bunk Beds for a Small Room

bunk beds for kids

This is another example of how you can make the most of a small bedroom by using bunk beds for kids. In such a limited space, you can fit three beds for your children. Two separated beds on the ground and one above connected to the walls. Unlike the previous bunk beds examples, this one includes stairs instead of a ladder.

On the right side of the room, there is storage and empty space underneath it. You can use this empty space to store your kids’ books or their toys. This smart design provides your children with a comfortable, fun, and interesting bedroom. As for the parent, the design is quite practical and easy to replicate..

5. Bunk Beds with Innovative Design

bunk beds for kids

Want something out of the ordinary for your kids? If so, this design is for you. Take a look at the bedroom. What do you think? It looks very interesting, isn’t it? Unlike the other examples, however, this design is meant for one bed bunk only. In other words, it can only accommodate one child.

What makes this design unique is its openness. There is no confine in the bedroom. The bed is open, with a ladder on the left and a slide on the right. The storage underneath is open, too. Even if the bedroom is actually small, the lack of confines in the design makes it appears larger.

6. Bunk Beds with Inside Shelves

bunk beds for kids

If you prefer more organized bunk beds, consider this one. Compared to the other examples, these bunk beds design looks very organized. There is enough space for toys, books, and other stuff, above and below. Not to mention the bed also has two drawers underneath as well. The upper bunk bed is accessible with short stairs on the left.

Although this design looks very organized, it doesn’t mean you can’t be playful with it. A good way to make it more inviting for your children is to add colorful items. It can be pillows, rugs, toys, wall decorations or even the bed sheets.

7. Built-in Cabin Bunk Beds for Kids

bunk beds for kids

Alright, so your house has a cabin design. What kinds of bunk beds are appropriate for your kids? Well, why not make built-in bunk beds for your kids like in the picture above? This bunk beds design is unique. Rather than creating a new look, these bunk beds blend in with the rest of the room.

One of the best things about this design is that it can accommodate lots of people, both adult and children. So if your extended family is staying for the night, there will be enough bed for everyone. Another thing is that the bunk beds are built-in. As such, they basically take no space in the house.

8. Playful Bunk Beds Theme

bunk beds for kids

This is a rather unique design. In this design, there is a bed on the floor and two beds above. The ladders do not look like ladders, either. Rather, they look more like decorative holes than ladders. While many of the design focus on practicality, this one is focused on being playful.

Take a look at the colors. There are bright colors everywhere. There are blue, yellow, a bed sheet with animal patterns, and of course, there are toys too. If your kids’ bedroom needs to be more playful, you can get some ideas from this design.

Since this design is meant to be playful, you need to prepare storage for your kids’ stuff. Notice that there is no storage in the bunk beds, unlike other examples. As such, if the available space in the bedroom is limited, you need to be creative.

9. Double Bunk Beds with Furnishings

bunk beds for kids

Not all designs for kids’ bedroom have to be kiddy. This is especially true if you want to design the bedroom so that it can accommodate your children well into their teenage years. For this, you can take some ideas from the design above.

Note that in the design, there is no bright color. There are no toys, either. Instead of being playful, this design is meant to be as multifunctional and comfortable as possible. Notice the drawers, the table, and the location of the beds. All are located in a single place. Very practical, isn’t it?

While the design is great, it may not be suitable if you have small children as they need a playful bedroom. This design will be boring for them. This design is suitable if you have older children who are going to be teenagers in a few years.

10. All in One Bunk Beds

bunk beds for kids

When you see the picture above, how many bunk beds are there? Do you see two? Well, actually there are three beds. One is above, one is in the middle, and one is on the floor. It doesn’t stop there, though. Note the stairs on the left. The stairs are not just stairs. They also function as storage as well.

If you are looking for all-in-one bunk beds for kids, look no further than these bunk beds. There is enough storage for just about anything, the beds are comfortable, and they don’t take much space in the room. These bunk beds really make use of the space efficiently.

One thing to keep in mind is that although the bunk beds do have lots of storage, they are not suitable to be used as a wardrobe. As such, you will need to provide a separate wardrobe for your children. Other than that, the design is really good.