√ 27+ Best Planning Window Treatments For French Doors

French doors, patio doors, and sliding glass doors all add such ambience to any property that you would hardly want to cover them up. In fact French doors are too perfect and allows in so much of natural light, and lets you gaze the outer view so well, that in a house with such door an windows you would always feel airy, fresh, so full of natural light, and very comfortable. But then again, there are some things or factors which are as bad as they are good. And one such factor is transparency.

Handling privacy with French doors in your property

As you know, transparency is the biggest advantage with French doors and windows which keeps the outer view unblocked for your eyes while lets the outsiders also get an equally good look of the insides. But this may be a problem for you if you are looking for some privacy at times. And then you may think of some ideal window treatments for French doors to keep prying eyes away.

Handling unobstructed natural light coming through the French windows

Another reason you would like to cover up your French doors is because of too much of light. There is no other way to cut off or blocks some natural light through the door and window panes than to block them. And that is done best when you plan the best window treatments for French doors. This would help you keep off the extra light and sun’s glare.

Making your home energy efficient by treating French windows and doors

The sun’s glare can be a big energy consumer for you if you are using too much of electricity in the room cooling. Cooling would never be enough if you are getting too much of the sun, and in that case you need some block and cover. That’s why a property with French doors and windows demands some sort of window treatments for French doors to cover the panes and filter much of the sun’s glare and heat, and render the interiors much energy efficient.

Shutters for French doors

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Consider shutters for your French doors. Shutters are sturdy, well structured, have the strength to retain intrusions, and also give you enough opening through the panels for light. You can use shutters on your sliding glass doors and patio doors. They would add to the look and functionality and rather never interfere.


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Draperies or curtains are great for French doors. They are ideal for bringing you the option to fully cover, or partially cover the doorway, and generate privacy. You can control light and heat from entering the space by drawing the curtains.

Woven Textures

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This is a fabric style which offers a great block to the sun without blocking the light. If you hang them for window treatments for French doors then you are surely going to love the shade and texture they impart to your interiors. While the wood and fabric texture would look great, it would also block vision wherever they are kept open. Also you will not get heat from outside, and much of the heat would be trapped by them, while the essential sunlight to continue with normal daily jobs would come through them.

White Out

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If the room is getting too much of the sunlight because of no concrete buildings or tress etc in front, and only open sky, as it happen in case of  river front, lake, or beach, then you will have t think of a white out solution. A white out solution deals with total screening of the door or window using a heavy white fabric. This helps keep the insides cool, and yet not make it look small or confined. Also some amount of light can still pass through the white, and avoid total darkness.

Woven Wood Shades

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Wood shades are made from softer wood like materials like grass, reeds, bamboo, woods, or other items used in patio furniture. Such shades hang from the top to bottom just like fabric curtains. But instead of blocking total view like fabric curtains, they allows for outer view. Eyes inside can view out, while outer eyes cannot reach the interiors through the sheer block created by the shades. Ample sunshine comes in while glare gets filtered. These are not too expensive, and yet look very fashionable.

Long Curtains

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Long curtains are a great arrangement to add to style and luxurious feel. While they add to the color and theme of the room, they also look lavish as the fabric hangs from the top to the floor. For a better visionary appeal the rod of the drapery or curtain is generally extended beyond the French door or window, so that the contracted curtain rests on either side of the door smartly without obstructing vision and light.

Gliding Panels

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A great way to add to the style and functionality is to use panels that glide over the door or window. This is a stylish and practical window treatments for French doors. If you have French doors across a huge stretch or wall length, and you need a good cover for that which can totally block light and vision as needed, or partly expose parts of the door, then this is a great arrangement.

Louver blinds

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They are a great form of window treatments for French doors. With such blinds you can partially lower them to block the entrances, or may fully lower them for a total block. And yet the full light would not get obstructed, and you will get much ambient light for the interiors to smile. Also using contrast color in your louver blinds will help you build the looks for the interior a lot.

Roman Shades

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Roman shades are a complete specialist in styling the house, adding color and texture, and serving the true purpose of adding shade, blocking glare and sun, and also making the place a perfect one for enjoying the filtered natural light. You can start using such shades in any color or print or texture of your choice.

Elegant Impact

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Using the bed linen fabric on the curtains is a designer theme or idea, which can change the very look of the room instantly. And this also brings in a soft look and blend. This is a smart and elegant way of window treatments for French doors.

The Extra Embellishment

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Plain white is a game changer. When you use plain white shade in place of roman shades, and increase the style by adding a thin colored line to the shade, then it looks awesome. By using this concept, you can add posh and luxurious look through utter simplicity.


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Sometimes repetition is not boring, and rather sweet and engaging. If you repeat the same floral paint or bobby print or texture everywhere from bed linen to curtains, and from carpets to pillows, then this can make the room with French doors look very peaceful, rhythmic and pleasant.

Industrial Edge

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An industrial look can be cultivated as you use very dark colored heavy fabric draperies over steel rod based French doors. This brings an industrial edge to the design, and instills a vintage and serious look to the home.

Privacy Sheers

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Vertical sheers looks great in covering sliding doors and patio doors. They look awesome when you use light color sheers, or use combinations of contrasting colors. The vertical vanes in the sheers can rotate full 180 degrees, thereby allowing you control on light and vision much freely.


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Honeycomb shades offer extra insulation so that heat from sun’s glare cannot come inside, while inner warmth may not leak out. Honeycomb shades come with vertical vanes with a special cellular honeycomb design.

Brown and blue

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If you have a living room with brown and white based furniture, and French doors with brown polish, then blue draperies can complement the entire look greatly. You must try this to know how awesome it would look.

Designer rods

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Using designer rods to hand curtains is a great way to add to the décor, while helping you with window treatments for French doors. You can hang any color drapery as per the room interior. But concentrating more on the hanging rods to select eye catching designs helps nurture the look.

The Linear look

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Matching the ceiling paint color with the drapery color is a nice way to create a continual effect. This impacts the visual appeal in a different way.  Pleated fabrics coming neatly organized till the ground looks great.

Hidden Dual Function

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Roman shades, wall molding, and draperies can combine together to give a very functional style in window treatments for French doors. If you add a roman shade to the French door or window as the first barrier or protection, and then add draperies as the inner layer, such that the draperies come first from the interior, then things would get more functional. Also the drapery lines can be hidden using wall molds.

Inexpensive and Natural

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Sometimes inexpensive items can look too natural and stylish to give your home that cozy look, and warmth. Rattan, straw, bamboo, cane, reed grass, or stick made nets or shades can work wonders in giving you the right window treatments for French doors, while the intricacy of carvings and style of the retro interior is not camouflaged.

21. DIY Window Treatments

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The local store doesn’t offer the curtains you imagined for your French door? No worries about it, you can make them yourself! To start with, install an original rod (bamboo, copper, etc.), pick the right fabric, and design your own tab-top curtain.

Simple shades and shutters

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Sometimes simplicity earns the best attention. If you stop thinking of designer window treatments for French doors, and just for the purpose of easy operability you choose a neutral color shutter or shade, which you bring down to block the glare and light, and raise up at day end to allow air and vision, then this can really look smart and sober.

Blinds for French doors

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There are dedicated blinds for French doors which you may use exclusively on doors to cover the glass portion mainly. These would not cover the entire door frame, or any wall area. Rather they would only cover the door panes, and act as a shield against unobstructed vision and light.

Cellular shades

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Cellular shades are a very good solution for window treatments for French doors, as they don’t mess with the access to the door handles or knobs. They simply block the light or vision in a flexible manner. They don’t interfere with the looks of the house, and yet adds to much shade that’s required while fitting seamlessly in any door or window.

Pooling drapery

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It’s not necessary that you always use curtains or drapery that will hang, or stay pleated, or the rods will be gorgeous etc. You may also plan it in a different way. Sometimes pooled fabrics near the ground puts up such a show that your room goes a different dimension from that while your window treatments for French doors also looks stylish and eye catching.

Other popular ideas

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There are some other popular concepts on window treatments for French doors. Frostings are common. You can add a layer of frosting on the panes. But this is a kind of a permanent block, and you would lose transparency of the glass panes forever with this. Yes you may remove frostings, but that’s more of a hassle.

Another popular option is double glazing. Once again it’s popular but not a great plan to retain transparency and unobstructed vision. You cannot return the doors to the previous single pane state after a double glazing has been applied.

Hence, it’s good to stick to shades, blinds, shutters, curtains, and all such solutions which would not impact the French doors and windows permanently, and would retain the beauty of the structures forever.

The beauty of French doors

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Draperies and curtains, shades or vanes, whatever you use on the French doors, always remember that the beauty of the French windows and doors is in allowing in sunlight, and unobstructed vision. Hence do care for this that whatever window treatment you are using should not block the vision or light permanently, and always be free to open or close, or partially open. This will help you use your French windows and doors the way they are intended for use.